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10 WORST Cash Grab Attempts By Activision and EA


NeoGAFs Kent Brockman

EA is one of the most despised gaming companies. Here are some examples of big mistakes they've made the past few years that attracted the ire of many gamers.

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Apex deserved to be in there, surprised they didn't mention heirloom shards though, basically gambling to buy loot packs to get a chance at shards, stupid.

Also Zombies had my wife literally stop playing the franchise as the later games with those MTX just made the base gameplay shite.
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I still don't fault them completely for Battlefront 2's launch. Disney refused to let them monetize that game with cosmetics, so out came the loot boxes.

Now the ultimate team bullshit in FIFA wasn't just absolute, unequivocal gambling, it was rigged absolute, unequivocal gambling. That game was designed for the purpose of getting you to transfer your wealth to EA in exchange nothing.


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Need for Speed Payback should've been in there. God awful game with the shittiest progression I've ever seen in a racing game. Obviously, it gets a lil better if you pay, which makes me believe the title is sarcastic.


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you buy EA games you get bled dry, you buy UBI games you get bored shitless... these companies churn out the same shit year in year out and if sheep want to be nickle and dimed for every fucking pixel then more power to them, you know you could just stop fucking buying their games...
The worse EA cash grab was when they announced that they will begin charging pre-owned users for access to the multiplayer. EA games came with a digital code for Multiplayer to redeem.

I'm surprised this isn't in the video.
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I really wanna know what retards are spending on ultimate team. Ea makes more money on this than selling copies of fifa.

I know it’s probably kids but some like messi needs to urge parents world wide not to let their kids but this shit.


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The Fifa / Ultimate team is the worse one....but overall EA is worse than a Pachinko company.

EA should be ruled by gambling commision and not videogame ratings.
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