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1500 new members approved

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All you newbies get in line, put these blindfolds on, pull down your pants and bend over.

It's initiation time.

Greetings. Also how do I post threads? I'm assuming I would need to get to a certain number of posts to do that. How many posts/comments would I need to make before I get to the rank where I can post threads?


I noticed a lot of new folks, that's great! Thought I must admit I initially thought they were bots, trolls, or new accounts from previously banned users. Glad to know I was wrong! 👏🏻🎉


My early pre-morning tea brain read that as 1500 staff members.

I had many questions.

Welcome dudes and dudettes.


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Welcome everyone!

as a relatively new member i'm going to take the chance to ask: how do you get promoted to "member"? In case I want to start my own thread.

Thank you!


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You won this thread @Rykan, hats off to you.

Glad to see that the gaf is staying healthy. Also, I wish more of the 160k users would actually post in the gaming topics, LOL. Seems like the same 30 or 40 users across most threads, quit being lurkers people. :messenger_beaming:
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hide your water-based mammals
First of all as Bernie Mac once said, welcome God damn it welcome.

This is a pretty good open and loose community and I'm not one to really say things like this since I've left this place and come back. But please don't bring bad habits from other places.

On you go.



Speak for yourself. We don't blanket hate everyone from the jump, just those that don't prefer the the one true gaming platform that is Xbox. The second class citizens who haven't seen the light should label themselves accordingly upfront to make things easier. :messenger_winking_tongue:


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In life, I’ve found the people who want authority are often the ones who shouldn’t have it.
For me I am just joking around. I would be a great mod. But I enjoy just joking about becoming a mod. But you are spot on. Those that have an unrelenting desire for power or control are the ones to keep your eye on. Especially the subversive ones.

But we are cool internet friends so I know you don’t think I’m a threat. Yet.
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