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Iced Arcade

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For me I am just joking around. I would be a great mod. But I enjoy just joking about becoming a mod. But you are spot on. Those that have an unrelenting desire for power or control are the ones to keep your eye on. Especially the subversive ones.

But we are cool internet friends so I know you don’t think I’m a threat. Yet.

You sound like a green rat. And you were my friend.

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Are you doing alright? My PMs are open if you ever want to talk.


Forum rules summary:
-Make at least 2 giveaways per week
-Download Halo Infinite immediately(don't play it)
-Google Dj Khaled
-Make a dramatic thread before you quit

Btw, if you want free Paint 3d lessons, feel free to PM me.

That one is basically a requirement if you are not already familiar with him. Everyone has to try and figure out who that guy is that's posted everywhere.


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When I signed up, many years ago, it was a simple "register, verify email, post" type of deal. I didn't know the approval process had gotten more stringent.
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