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20 best video games of 2022 so far by Metacritic scores


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somehow I haven't heard about a 3rd of those? What sorcery is this

#20: Hardspace: Shipbreaker- 82
#16 (tie): Moss: Book II - 83
#16 (tie): Pokemon Legends: Arceus- 83
#16 (tie): Strange Horticulture- 83
#16 (tie): Triangle Strategy- 83
#13 (tie): Infernax- 84
#13 (tie): OlliOlli World- 84
#13 (tie): Patrick's Parabox- 84
#11 (tie): Kirby and the Forgotten Land - 85
#11 (tie): Tunic - 85
#8 (tie): AI: The Somnium Files - nirvanA Initiative - 86
#8 (tie): Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder's Revenge - 86
#8 (tie): Total War: WARHAMMER III - 86
#7: Gran Turismo 7 - 87
#4 (tie): Horizon Forbidden West - 88
#4 (tie): NORCO - 88
#4 (tie): Rogue Legacy 2 - 88

#3: Neon White - 89

#2: The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe- 95

#1: Elden Ring - 96
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Thank you for spoiler. I boycott horizontal click stories.

I have WH 3, but was kind of disappointed in its campaign.
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Thanks for reminding me I need to get Neon White.

I'm actually surprised to see Hardspace Shipbreaker there as well, it must have improved a lot since the initial stages of early access.


Elden Ring will finish the year at the top. God of War's MC might get a bit of a bump from people not wanting that to be the case


I own...two of these, and haven't heard of about half. Suppose it's a nice reflection of how much the industry has grown.
Comparing games directly on metacritic is misleading. Short indie games tend to be judged differently than AAA games.

Not to say small indies can't be great, I play at least as many indies as I do AAA. But, reviewers tend to hand out 10s to games that don't have a lot to them simply because there isn't enough parts to complain about, as there isn't a lot to the game.


Looking at NORCO I have to admit I am weirdly torn between looks interesting and I am glad it exists but I don't see myself playing it.

Couple of games I haven't heard of.

I still need to play Rogue Legacy 2. I constantly seem to forget about it even though I loved the first one.


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god damn, neon white is that high??? im surprised they loved the game that much
then again, nearly every aspect about the game (excluding the dialogue) is amazingly done so ay
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