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2K begins removing MyRise exclusive characters from WWE 2K22 Community Creations (VCG)



Following reports that WWE 2K22 players were able to upload MyFaction exclusive characters (such as classic Triple H) to the game’s Community Creations suite, 2K has started removing similar characters that are locked to the game’s story mode, MyRise.

In MyRise, players take a character through the process of becoming a WWE Superstar, along the way facing many familiar faces. However, there are several characters that don’t appear as playable wrestlers in the other modes of the game.

Players had found a way to upload these characters to the community creations, but it appears that 2K has started removing them, according to the user who has uploaded the majority of them.

According to WhatsTheStatus, 2K has removed some, but not all, of these characters. He commented on the removal in a tweet, saying: “My advice is to get everything you need because they might be all gone soon.”

This may be due to the fact that although the character models can be uploaded to Community Creations, all of their clothing items apart from underwear are automatically removed and new clothing can’t be added (resulting in, for example, commentator Byron Saxton wrestling in his pants and socks).

VGC reported last week that players of WWE 2K22 have found a way to unlock the game’s MyFaction exclusive characters for use in other modes, including classic versions of Triple H and Shawn Michaels.

However, at the time of writing, 2K hasn’t taken those models down, despite them being tied to the microtransaction-heavy mode.

The MyFaction mode involves players earning cards that allow them to play as specific wrestlers in a series of challenges. Packs of cards can be bought via in-game currency which is either earned in-game or topped up with microtransactions.
The mode also awards certain wrestlers for completing challenges, and some of these wrestlers are exclusive to MyFaction. Even when the challenge conditions are met, the characters can only be used in MyFaction, and not in any other modes.
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