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8 Yakuza games coming to PlayStation Plus in 2022, starting this month


Or is it just one of Phil's balls in my throat?
Nearly completed Yakuza 1 on GamePass. I keep hearing everyone say 0 is the best. Should I play that next or the others.... then 0 last?

I would have recommended playing 0 first, cause they added some extra stuff in Kiwami to factor the things that happen in it.

But since you're almost done with the first one, I would say play Zero next.

Cause if you leave Zero till the end, it'll be a bit jarring to play a prequel after everything else.


Mckmaster uses MasterCard to buy Slave drives
So what other games on the market are the Yakuza games like? What's the best western made game comparison?


Too late, own them all.
I own them all as well + the Judgement games for PS5.

I might buy Yakuza 6 on a sale for PC later on because I can’t stand it in 30FPS form.

I recommend the series to anyone willing to dive into japanese drama and weirdness!
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Mckmaster uses MasterCard to buy Slave drives
There are no other games like it really. Not western anyway. Closest would be Shenmue.

Closest I can think of would be Sleeping Dogs I guess?
There's nothing else quite like Yakuza though. It's a beautiful thing all of its own.

Ah man. That sorta sucks to a degree. So many people I trust love the series, yet there's this goofiness about it that makes me feel like I won't like it.
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