A fan-made Metroid Prime remaster mod lets you play in 4K60 with new textures and lighting


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Created by Samus Prime and Team MPR, the new mod, which is called MPR Phaze 1, requires players to provide a copy of either Metroid Prime on GameCube or Metroid Prime Trilogy on Wii.

The mod uses a custom version of the Dolphin Emulator and includes hand-made custom HD textures, material maps and a lighting overhaul.

The team claims that because the mod doesn’t actually include any Nintendo-created assets – these are instead provided by the copy of the game supplied by the player – it’s therefore legal since it falls under emulation.

According to Samus Prime, the mod’s list of features includes:

  • “Jaw-dropping new visual pass, including all-new textures/lighting/particles and more”
  • “Restored features from the GameCube release, previously disabled on Wii”
  • “PrimeHack integration for native keyboard/mouse controls & dual-stick gamepad controls”
  • “Adjustable Field of View slider (included in PrimeHack)”
  • “UI customization, including coloring and adding/removing HUD elements”
Footage of the game shown by an early adopter of the mod shows significantly improved visuals compared to the SD GameCube and Wii versions of the game:



This mod makes it look...quake-like in a weird way.
The ESRGAN pack I've been using looks miles better imo.
I don't have screenshots for MP1 but I have some from MP2 using the same method.

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