A League of Their Own: Did Dottie drop the ball on purpose?

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if youve never seen it, do yourself a favor and find a way to watch it. its fantastic.

so i saw this question floating around the internet and wondered what yall thought. did she drop the ball on purpose at the end of the movie and let kit win?

i say no she didnt. reason being because, well just the scene and how it played out, the looks of determination of both their faces, the context of it all. it just wouldnt make sense for dottie to let kit have that without earning it genuinely. it would cheapen the ending of the movie and make kits character arc flat since she never beat dottie and was always the inferior little sister. kit beating her is just a better story to me. im sure someone could do enough mental gymnastics to justify dottie letting her win, but i just dont like that story lol. i like that kit finally wins. maybe thats just the little brother in me...

it also doesnt make sense for dottie. almost losing her husband in the war, then quitting baseball out of fear for losing anymore time with him, only to find her courage and join back up, just to let her sister beat her in the final game!? no way!

in my mind, part of the story was that kit finally beat her at something, and although it was bitter sweet, dottie was super proud of her bc she didnt let her win. she never let her win. and as a younger sibling i can tell you its one of the best feelings in the world to beat your older sibling at something and know that they didn let you win, bc they never fucking let you win lol (and they shoudnt, bc it makes you better). to know that they really gave you their all and you just bested them is the sweetest victory.

and oddly, there was always this feeling of gratitude when i beat my older brother at something (very rare, but it happened). its never like "in your face fuck you" its more like "in your face.... but youre still better than me and we both know it, but i got you this time. thanks for helping me get better and pushing me, love ya buddy"

what do you think?

really great soundtrack too, by Hans Zimmer, if youre into that kind of thing...


Kev Kev

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I can relate to tom hanks in this movie because I also piss very loud

lol he was so good in this movie


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I dunno, why even come back to the team if you are just going to throw it if given the chance? Anyway I loved the movie but the ending pissed me off back then.

Lord Panda

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Everything about that movie was gold. I think that Kit won fair and square at the end.

Madonna‘s track at the end is fantastic:

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