A little over 2 months later, what's your opinion of Stray?

How would you rate Stray?

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Cool little game, to one play-through. I really liked the environment.

Not much of a cat person.
I have yet to try it. I might in December with a PS+ trick. Pretty much just expecting cat and graphics, which is fun for a bit.

I hope people actually try Neon White before the end of the year. GOTY contender. Indie from Annapurna.
Great game. Pretty short (8 hours or so), great atmosphere, great world building, nice graphics, great animation, great music, cats.

I really think it's a well made game and I think they should make a sequel using the existing world, lore and art and make a game with more exploration outside of the city and with the other cats.


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I played it for 2 hours but it felt like at least 5. Personally I found it really boring. Cyberpunk aesthetics and cats so I understand why it was popular but it's not for me.


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My review of Stray is the same as my review of actual stray cats:

Looks fine at a distance. I'm not gonna get up close to it though because I don't know where it's been or if it's diseased, I'd rather keep an eye on the newspaper and read other reviews instead of putting myself in harm's way. Overall, I'll probably avoid it unless it appears in my house or it's given away for free.


Really enjoyed the experience. The atmosphere was amazing. That first robot neighborhood was a thing of beauty. The story and puzzles were ultimately afterthoughts, but that's fine. Just exploring the different sections of the city made it a worthwhile experience.


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Played it for the first time a week or so ago. Really liked it. I’ve always liked “escape games” and finding a way to your destination was motivating to me. What I didn’t like was actually the hub areas. Wandering around trying to collect stuff got very dull to me. But I enjoyed the traversal and the world, I really liked it overall.


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I mean it was a good game, and an experience I would suggest others play absolutely. I mean there's really no reason not to.

It's a short fun experience in an intresting world, it never over stayed its welcome, its not a game thats going down in history but it was a "good" game.
A fantastic little game. Not worth 40 USD, but definitely work picking up to own in a collection for half that price. It is a very short expeirence, not even 3 hours long, but highly memorable with a lot of love and care put into it.
Boring game. Should have asked me how to make a 10 million selling cat game



Havent finished it. Its kinda boring? My daughter likes it because of cats, but i couldnt be bothered playing it.


Thought it was a great game. Wonderful art direction and great graphics. Dragged a bit towards the end but still a very enjoyable experience.


Good game.

+ Ambience, atmosphere and visual/audio design
+ Verticality of traversal
+ The developer's choice to keep jumps as what comes natural to the cat, ergo not forcing the player to time jumps and jump intensity.
+ Breath of fresh air playing as a cat, cute factor

- The narrative delivery near the end is limited too much by B12's text box to convey the emotional weight.


was completely in love during my first 1-2 hours. amazing graphics, cool concept.

But ultimately I got bored and quit


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i havent played but damn people really hate this game now.... i remember how everyone was all over it as a great game and now no one even cares


I loved it. The gameplay was pretty simplistic but I have no problem with that at all. It was a fun, engaging, and incredibly charming experience from start to finish. I loved exploring its world that's drenched in atmosphere, and I also appreciated those few "WTF" moments. I only wish that the story would expand on it a little more.

That's like the only complaint that I have about it - the story feels like there was supposed to be much more to it but it ended up getting cut due to budgetary constraints or lack of time. The finale needed that proper closure instead of fading out to white, and the lore on some of the things that you encounter along the way should be expanded upon a bit more. Still, that's just a minor complaint. Maybe that's just me wanting to know more about the game's fascinating world because, on the other hand, it's also good that the game doesn't overstay its welcome and it's still super charming and fun. Definitely one of my favorite games this year.


I still haven’t finished it because my head keeps getting turned by more bombastic type of games - I will though and I have mostly enjoyed what I played. I think it just feels a little pondering at times and it struggles to keep me engaged.


Seemed overhyped when it released, and this thread hasn't told me I was wrong. It played up to the internet's weird cat obsession and had some good visuals. But good visuals don't make a good game, they make a good screensaver.
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Honestly? It crashed within 30 seconds into the game for me. One hour later, I got a game-breaking bug. Also, the camera gave me motion sickness. So I just shut it down and never touch it again.
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