AC Valhalla - 1.6.2 The Last Chapter


Holy shit this game doesn’t end. I think I completed the main story? But this game has so much bloat it’s not even fun anymore.
Only AC game I really haven't gotten far in. I own them all. Odyessy and Origins were great. It seems they cut down the cool loot that was in those games and made everything feel very "samey". I don't like it.

Also, anyone else find the female version of the main character (and other women in this game) to look like skinny dudes with male heads? Sucks that there is no bad ass and feminine looking shield maidens or Valkyries.
Would of been the perfect setting for it too.

These characters look like they got the studio consultant with Sarkesian treatment... of way to many western studios (which actually happened to Arkane, Bioware, Naughty Dog). Hit with the ugly stick and no curves to appease the mentally ill who feel insecure with women looking like women, but I digress.

That dlc won't be played by me. i still need to beat the main game and get through my massive 1000+ game backlog.


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Don't listen to the haters. This game is not meant to be played just sitting down and finish in a sitting. I went in with the expected hate of the internet thinking I'll drop the franchise after this despite finishing all of them 100%. If you don't have patience then skip it. But if you love the aspect of world building and socializing aspects of the game within the time period then its a must play.

Honestly, this is one of my favorite AC's so far, even though Eivor is as daft to me as Connor. But some of the missions and side characters are really involved. The missions play out from shire to shire so the point is to hop in and end a shire arc depending on your schedule in life. I take a day or two to finish one of them with all the side quests and its been great.

There are also no random loot like Odyssey, thank fuck and the combat is way better. That game as beautiful as it was is the real bloat even with the ever loved Kassandra but the world itself is not better than Odyssey. Origins is still better than both, but this is definitely a close second for the quality of the places you see and how its involved with the AC lore in a main story perspective. If you're gonna play this game, set your perspective as playing a long ass action RPG and have fun.
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