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ACG - Context in Video Game Reviews, A Discussion

Claus Grimhildyr

Vincit qui se vincit

ACG released a video yesterday about discussing the context of reviewing games, the nature of review aggregate sites, and some of the yellow tape that shows itself when working in this field. I am curious to know the thoughts of GAF on the subject. What is it that you look at for game reviews? Do you only follow people that you share similar tastes with? Do you follow reviewers who you respect, but don't always agree with?

Personally I am of the latter. AngryJoe, ProJared, Completionist, ACG, TotalBiscuit, Colin Moriarty, Easy Allies (at least outside of Damiani, Ian, and Huber) - all people I follow for reviews, not because I share super similar opinions with, but because I trust them and the way they review games. They provide that much needed context in their reviews so I can understand where they are coming from. This is something I greatly respect and something I feel that is missing from most review sites. IGN, Polygon, Kotaku, VG247, GiantBomb - all sites that I feel have lost any trust they may have once had (if they had any to begin with).


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I already watched this. Love this guy. I don't follow anyone, I mostly look at trailers and info on the games I'm interested in, but I DO follow this guy because I feel he's brutally honest and also discusses the things most important in game reviews. He's a no bullshit reviewer and I like that whether or not I may agree with him on individual games.

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There´s only one reviewer i give a fuck (i don´t concur most of the time with his scores, but in general though Worth a Buy is more honest than Mother Teressa was in her "prime". HE is on most blacklists aka buys the games he reviews)



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Did you get inspired?

: D I just heard, that you have some beef.
No don't get a chance to watch most youtube stuff. I do one of these for most huge games when this kind of stuff happens. Horizon, Spiderman, Halo, just always good to remind people what actually goes on versus all the weird conspiracies or click bait stuff people make.
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