Activision is suing the state of California for illegally suing them and colluding with the media. "No state agency is above the law"
In case you weren't aware, a state agency in California is suing Activision Blizzard, alleging it has a company-wide "fratboy workplace culture" that mistreats women and minorities. The agency (formerly the Department of Fair Employment and Housing, now called the Civil Rights Department) is now being sued by Activision for apparently improperly handling information relevant to the case and unlawfully filing the suit in the first place.

As reported by Axios, Activision has filed its own suit against the CRD following a year and a half of legal battling between the two entities. Activision is accusing the CRD of intentionally slow-walking and withholding information relating to its communications with media and labour unions while building its case against Activision.
Driving the news: The new suit, filed to California Superior Court in Sacramento, alleges that the California agency improperly slow-walked or withheld information about its contacts with the media and labor unions regarding the case.

Among the records the company seeks are communications between the Civil Rights Department (CRD) and reporters from The New York Times, The Washington Post and other outlets.

  • It also wants to see exchanges with the Communication Workers of America, the labor group that has repped some Activision Blizzard employees in their efforts to unionize since late 2021.
  • And it says California has also failed to turn over documents regarding any internal concerns over the agency’s approach to mediating its issues with Activision.
  • These documents should be produced through California’s Public Records Act, the suit asserts, and Activision wants a judge to force California’s hand.
What they’re saying: "No state agency is above the law, especially one charged with enforcing it" an Activision Blizzard spokesperson told Axios, adding that the agency "has repeatedly refused to follow its legal obligations in this case" to turn over evidence and documents."

  • The lawyer who filed the suit for Activision, Christopher Skinnell, says in the suit that the CRD “deliberately unleashed a hurricane of hostile media coverage against the company based on malicious and knowingly false assertions. It also worked with activists who contributed to the CRD’s media war.”
  • The new lawsuit says the California complaint, which alleged widespread sexual misconduct for years at the company, was "unlawfully filed.”

    • That’s a reference to an argument Activision’s lawyers have repeatedly made that California did not meet its obligations to mediate a settlement prior to suing two summers ago.
  • The other side: The CRD, for its part, has claimed that it is legally permitted to redact certain information from requests.
    • In court, it has pressed Activision Blizzard to be more forthcoming in fulfilling California’s request for documentation related to the case.
    • It has sought years of records involving potential misconduct at the company and in a court filing this week complained of Activision's "meritless objections" to some of its requests.
  • Between the lines: It’s unclear if the communications Activision seeks would disclose any illegal actions on California’s part.
    • But it could produce evidence of contradictory statements about dealing with reporters and raise questions about the timing of California’s lawsuit.
  • Note: The CRD, until recently, was called the Department of Fair Employment & Housing. Earlier coverage of the Activision suit at Axios and other outlets commonly uses the DFEH acronym.

Not sure if this might cause some problems with the other separate legal issue Activision is involved in, but it will probably complicate things.

Activision is saying that no state is above the law, accusing California of suing them in illegal fashion. Accusing the CRD facilitating hostile media coverage intentionally, and that they worked with the media and activists to tarnish Activision reputation. They even said the lawsuit filed against them itself was unlawful.

This is a crazy week, and it's only Thursday.


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I think a lot of information is going to be revealed in the coming months. Not gonna lie, I’m excited to learn a lot of dirty secrets.


I guess we will see what the courts say but I remember the way California announced this and the way the entire media rolled up to gang up on Activision within 0.001 nanoseconds seemed very fishy. I have seen state government as activist many times before living in New York. You could also argue that this led to Activision’s stock getting killed and giving MS the opportunity to scoop it up for a song. In other words causing real material harm to Activision and its shareholders.


Wait is Bobby going to live and remain in charge?

Honestly, at this point just sell COD and 2 developers to Microsoft or just not release the game on Playstation. That can't be stopped right? This is getting out of hand.


I'm not sure who is in the right here, but I hate California even more than Activision, so I hope the latter win.
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