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haha dough funny
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Back when I used social media the switch away from chronological feeds was the most annoying thing they could have done. I don’t even know if you can sort Facebook by post order any more, they’re so invested in the abomination that I wouldn’t be surprised if “The order things happened in” is seen as a horribly outdated concept used only by cavemen, but I’ll fly that flag. Algorithm bad. Me want simple feed. Me no ask for complexity.


Algorithems have already addicted people to their usage. They already have more power than most companies. Imagine being a company gobbled by Facebook, Google, Apple because that happens everyday.


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I'm just waiting for the Facebook algorithm to become self aware and launch the nukes.

Kinda not how algorithms work. They're pattern finders and also creators of patterns, not AI. Just sequences.

Although both do rely on each other for AI but that's a different story.
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