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All Games Should Be Pushing The Graphic Barrier

These recent games haven’t kept us interested visually: Hogwarts Legacy Resident Evil 4 Wo Long Atomic Heart MW2 and more. Games are just not keeping us interested nowadays. Xbox games are too cartoony to us, It’s like Xbox studio games have art/genre dysphoria. Grounded and sea of thieves should have went the realistic route visually and upped the rating to M, but that’s old Xbox. Anyways, PlayStation games art direction have been … depends on the game. Spider-Man 2, Max Payne Remakes, GTA 6, Wolverine _._.etc should be great games. They will be. But if they have ‘PS4 Pro’ level capable graphics it’s going to let-back. The first true next gen game experience we had was the matrix unreal demo. We understand that game cannot run on a PS4. Prove us wrong on that. That’s how we know it’s truly a next gen game. The second game is unrecord that shit gave us that same effect. GTA 6 need to look just as good or even better; Now it should be the time for both machines to Impress and make us gamers get used to viewing games that look incredible. Unrecord is being created by an indie studio whose name we would have to Google but you get the point.
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What time is it?


I get what OP is saying. Has there ever been a generational leap where the visuals have seen such an incremental advancement? Most games on Series X or PS5 look like slightly higher resolution Xbox One/PS4 games. It’s a hugely underwhelming generation.
Gen leaps like unreal demos are possible but there just isn't new gen only games from top studios.


It's an incremental improvement compared to all others but I'm impressed that they look better at all. Horizon 1 on ps4 was one of the best looking games for the whole gen. Really left nothing to be desired for me. Forbidden west actually looks appreciably better. Not a huge amount, but noticeable. Combine that with the better performance and I'm not particularly excited but I'll pay for it, sure.

It does provide a huge boost for graphics in vr games, though. They eat up enough power that they are effectively further back from the diminishing returns. That provided a real gen on gen improvement.


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It’s has definitely been a very underwhelming generation thus far.

The most impressive visuals are from cross-gen titles by Sony and the most impressive physics-related stuff is produced by Nintendo on a tablet with ancient tech..

Feels like there’s so much devs should be able to make these days with all the tools available.. Instead we get stuff like Redfall which doesn’t do anything impressive in terms of gameplay, physics, visuals or performance.
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If you look at the gap between 2003 to 2013, and compare that to 2013 to 2023, it's pretty sad. GTA 5 came out in 2013, and it's still one of the most impressive and most played games today.


Good Lord, that is one long ass paragraph OP.

The length of time cross gen games have existed this generation has been disappointing. Obviously Covid, followed by chip shortages and supply chain woes have been the main reasons for that.


Games are already too expensive too long in development; we get more and more the same game. with a different story and painting. There are several reasons but pushing the boundaries in the visual department is one of them.

And I'm glad that not all games are doing that.
Pushing the graphics is nice and all but please if pushing the graphics mean sub standard frame rates and lower than average resolution then I’d rather settle for less.

It would be amazing if a game could do both and I think everyone agrees on that.

I agree. I think I'd always prefer to have the option for 60 fps unless we're talking about the best graphics the console can muster, then I'd accept 30 fps (actually 40 fps would be ideal) as long as its not shit like we've seen in games like Cyberpunk and Control.

Thirty fps kinda sucks for gameplay after you've gotten used to 60fps. Especially on my Oled, there are only a few games I can play at 30. Again 40 fps might be the best compromise going forward tho.


All games should be pushing their optimizing limits first.

Especially on the PC front. Right now i can't even imagine wanting more demanding games when the ones we already have barely run on expensive hardware because of bloated/shit code.


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The dream is dead. They won’t any more.
I realized this long ago when I booted FFVII Remake and it looked more impressive than every NextGen game.

Most devs don’t care any more. Console games have been streamlined during the last generation and what are seeing now is the result of that. When you see that better graphics don’t help you with sales and also don’t have the same nerds trying to push technology making games any more, why even bother?


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understand 99% of the people who say this shit dropped 500-3500 dollars on a console/killer PC and they really need a good justification for it
I paid $649 CAD for my console same reason I buy any of my gaming system, it has games I want to play and that’s all justification I need.

In fact I hear people complain about how FFXVI is not pushing graphics same way FFXV did then I look at how smoothly the development cycle for FFXVI was compare to FFXV and I think to myself should I care about high tech graphics?……



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You'll get laughed at by many here, but you're 100% right on everything you said in the OP.

Games should be looking like this.


I dont care if its a 4-6 hour experience like COD SP. Give me this level animation and fidelity.

I dont need your game to be 40 hours long (full of padding, repetitive missions and bland open worlds) to enjoy it.

The whole fucking point of new hardware every few years is to enhance and improve visual fidelity. Devs nowadays just give us PS4 level stuff at 60fps and call it next gen. And gamers eat it up.

Please, someone host a showcase with some real NEXT GEN gaming experiences.
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For all the people saying gameplay improvements are more important.... I agree. But also you gotta understand 99% of the people who say this shit dropped 500-3500 dollars on a console/killer PC and they really need a good justification for it
What? 500 is chump change…you should not expect cutting edge graphics from this LMFO


I do agree that the cartoony graphics are wearing thin, but it works for some games like Grounded, but I suppose a realistic looking graphics in Grounded would look crazy cool.


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What? 500 is chump change…
first of all speak for yourself, not many people even in the US have 500 dollars laying around that they can spend on a spare PS5.

Second of all, for many people upgrading from 8th to 9th they need a good reason to upgrade to begin with besides faster loading times and games haven't been providing that much with unoptimized releases on both console and PC. Many people here have been complaining that many 9th gen exclusive games are just 8th gen but worse optimized like our boy SlimySnake SlimySnake . Horizon Forbidden West was the best showcase for PS5 and it was on PS4 as well so many people are questioning why even upgrade to begin with.

Basically, buyer's remorse kicking in at warpspeed :messenger_tears_of_joy:


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some people here aren't just satisfied with that, though 🤷‍♂️
If someone that obsess over having highest tech in their games then they better off spend their money to get top of the line gaming PCs.

You are not gonna get that with $500-600 consoles.

Also have to accept the fact games will take longer to make and devs less willing to take risks because the cost of having highest tech graphics in games.

Game development is not magic, there is always a cost.
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Sure! Who cares about budgets, team sizes, deadlines and knowledge of engines/tools?
It's obvious every studio has at least 800 people working on a single game, an infinite budget and no deadlines!
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