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Am I the only one the wears a watch on the right arm?


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Fairly sure it was one of those winks to other closest gays in years past, like wearing an earring on the other ear. I suppose you're safe these days, though I'd change it to the left If you plan on going to Russia or a Muslim country... unless that's your thing.


I've had a stainless Tissot T-Touch for over 20 years, I still wear it now and then. I didn't stop wearing it full time because of cellphones but because I stopped giving a shit what time it was. Wear it camping for the compass more than anything.
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I think it’s because by being on your left hand you don’t have to stop doing what you are doing with your dominant hand to check it. Like if you are writing it’s easier to turn your left wrist.

Hmmmm fuck, this is also logical

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Are you left handed? It makes sense if you're left handed as the reason it's on most people's left is it is easier to read if you're doing something with your dominant hand.

If you're not left handed then we will burn you with fire.
I’m left handed, although no one told me until oh, 30 or so lol. So left wrist it is!


I never knew it was a big deal which arm you put it on, but the ass wiping post above makes a good point.

On a related note...i got chewed out in basic training because i apparently wore my belt buckle on the wrong side.


I mean if you are left handed it makes sense. It makes more sense to use your dominant hand to manipulate your watch. Also if you are taking a test, or whatever, you want to be able to keep writing while glancing at the time.


So you wear them on the same side? Or maybe wearing one on your nether regions, “In the middle?” Because that is a thread unto itself.


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That is weirder than liking mint flavored candy.

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I'm left-handed so I wear a watch on my right wrist. It's hard to write and do stuff with a watch on your dominant arm. I even take it off when playing guitar, it just gets in the way, either way.

Actually, I only wear a watch when I'm dressing up, like for a formal event lol. It's dead weight unless you have a smartwatch, or something not so luxurious stainless steel and heavy.
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I wear it on my right. I write with my left.

I'm dominant with my right for other things, though, like scissors, throwing, computer mouse (obviously), etc.


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The problem is my stupid left hand doesn't posses the knowledge/ability required to perform the action of putting on a watch. So my smarter, more able right hand shackles the left with the burden of carrying the watch.

Knowledge is power.


As a left-handed person I wear it on the right wrist, but it's becoming more of a convention/habit now. It used to be inconvenient because the control buttons were less reachable (especially to rewind non-digital watches), but it's a non issue now.
Also it was convenient to keep your watch on your non-dominant wrist when you would be using your main hand to write with a pen or use a tool, but now that we're mostly using keyboards that's irrelevant too (maybe even counter-productive, if you consider the tablet/phone scenario where your non dominant hand is used to hold the device, making the dominant the free hand).
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