AMD’s Flagship Navi 31 (512mb cache) GPU Based on Next-Gen RDNA 3 Architecture Has Reportedly Been Taped Out


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Did you sleep through Zen, Zen+ and Zen 2?
If Zen didn't exist you can bet your ass we'd still be slumming with 4c/4t i5's from Intel because of the shitty yields they're getting from their shitty nodes.

And Intel fucking their process technology isn't AMD's problem, its not the consumers' problem its not our problem. You compete with what's on the market, and if Intel with all their size and R&D budget can't compete with a CPU manufacturer that was less than 1/10th their size? Well....I'd say its more embarrassing for Intel to even be losing at all.

AMD fanboys?
AMD have been executing and delivering to a high level for the last 5 years now. Their CPU's are causing Intel all sorts of problems in datacentre because Zen 3 is just better than ICL. The have a better node in TSMC's N7 vs Intel's 10nm (now rebranded to Intel 7) and they have better product planning. Their bets on chiplets from way back in 2016/17 with the First Zen and the Zeppelin dies along with their infinity fabric have now been proven.
And we can clown on Radeon forever for GPU in the gaming space, and rightly so. Vega was garbage for gaming. But when it comes to HPC....well Vega was a very good compute architecture and their current CDNA compute accelerators are doing very good business for hyperscalers.

Whether you like it or not, since Lisa Su took over, AMD are a very effectively run business. As I've said earlier, they have been reliably executing on their roadmaps for the last five years, with delays really only stemming from the Pandemic's latent effects and silicon shortages that are impacting the entire industry. Certainly they've been able to deliver to expectations in the CPU space far more effectively than Intel has. And with CDNA and RDNA2 they seem to have corrected their approach in GPU to the point where they are competitive again.
OK calm down buddy. All I’m saying is that AMD fanboys have a long history of hyping the shit out of some upcoming product based on rumors and speculation, only for the reality to fall short of the hype, and it’s stupid proclaim AMD the winner of the next-gen GPU battle based on some rumored specs.

And no, I didn’t forget about Zen, Zen+, Zen 2. I bought a 1800X on launch day and I own a 5800X now. But the fact is, Zen came after OVER A DECADE of CPUs that got regularly pummeled by Intel. Each one of which got hyped up by the fanboys to ridiculous levels before launching to disappointment.

the lesson you fanboys need to learn is NOT that AMD is a bad company or that they’re destined to lose. It’s that your hyperbolic speculation, wishful thinking, and David vs Goliath fantasies make you really shitty at predicting reality. So maybe you should just shut up and wait to see what the competition is like, instead of immediately proclaiming the second coming of Radeon 9700 Jesus every time there’s some new rumor.


Bondrewd claimed AMD's GPUs are on a 6 quarter cadence, meaning the first RDNA3 graphics card should appear up to one year and a half after RDNA2.
Navi 21 released in the middle of Q4 2020, so Navi 31 should be 6 quarters after that in Q2 2022.

I'll believe Bondrewd over any Weibo lurker that repeats what he reads on twitter.
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