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American teens aren’t excited about virtual reality, with only 4% using it daily


When I was a teen I was lucky if I could get a new console 2-3 years after it launched. Unless things have drastically changed I think VR is probably low in ther priority list, if they got any money they'd probably rather get a newer phone or a console/PC.

Also VR always strikes me as this thing that's really cool for like 2 weeks after you get a headset, then the novelty wears off and you start using it less and less (at least for the average user, I know some people DO really get into it and use it daily)

It's actually 4% of the 29% who have a VR headset (AKA their family owns at least 1) who play it daily.

So like.. just over 1%.

How anyone working at a major website just completely fucks up a title of an article like that is beyond me.

Was just going to post this.
It's not 4% of all teens, it's 4% of the ones that have a VR headset.
If Quest 3 does not fix what made Quest 2 die, then Apple is the only remaining hope for VR, or Samsung I guess.

If those fail then I'll see you when VR and 3D come back again in 2036. For their usual 1.5 decade rise and Bomba cycle.


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Now let's see a poll of how many PSVR2 users are using it daily.

Doesn't take long in the VR topics for users to start posting about thing they have no clue about: See Post #3.
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Reminder that VR came 10 years too early and it's apps are just glorified shovelware.
In 10 years, we will say 20 years too early. VR is far from being mainstream and common.

AR visors as a social and productivity tool will be more used than VR.
Reminder that VR came 10 years too early and it's apps are just glorified shovelware.
Nah, we’d be in the same position 10 years from now if that were the case. There needs to be more content. Doom, Skyrim, Half Life Alta can’t be enough. We need more styles and the cost of admission needs to come down.

Anyway, the tech had to come out for it to get better. It’s not too early, it’s just in its infancy.
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Not surprised one bit at the low usage.

Correlates perfectly with the Meta report in Oct 2022 when they said 50% of VR owners stop using it after 6 months.

VR is something that sells niche to start with (compared to people gaming the traditional way with gamepads or m/kb or smartphone), and I'd bet if you looked at the usage there's going to be hardcore users using it a lot, then the rest barely touch it. Similar to mtx. A good portion of revenue comes from a tiny subset of users. The rest either barely buy any or none at all.

VR kind of reminds of people who buy expensive kitchen appliances. $500 stand mixers and countertop toasters that can broil a whole chicken. A small number of people want it bad and buy it. But chances are when youre at their house for dinner, you've probably never seen them use them once. It's like they bought it for sake of telling people "Hey I got that!", but dont really have any intention of using them. Instead, they'll use a $40 blender or Black & Decker toaster they bought from Walmart.


I had VR for a year, used it like 5 times. Not for me. I would be more interested if we can get something that doesn't require you to wear a headset.
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