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Any interest in a NeoGAF editorial site?

Would you be interested in reading a NeoGAF editorial site?

  • Hell yes

    Votes: 207 41.8%
  • Yes

    Votes: 153 30.9%
  • Maybe

    Votes: 82 16.6%
  • No

    Votes: 53 10.7%

  • Total voters

Miyazaki’s Slave

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It isn’t like GAF is the most sane place for insightful discourse (hell, I post here) but I do think that this site is uniquely positioned to offer quality content given its tumultuous ride over the past 5 or so years.

There is a certain amount of clarity and perspective a community builds within itself going through the shit the industry has weathered since 2016 and if anyone has “seen some shit” it’s GAF.

Bring it!


Snake Oil Salesman
Do the podcast.

Have tryouts.

Get a collection of the saner and/or more interesting NeoGAF members talking about games. That could be really fun.


If it's community driven, it shouldn't be too challenging to sustain and provide content. Gaining early access to betas, demos, preview builds etc for features as well as reviews should be fairly easy to facilitate, and that would be like half your content already. I think there is something real authentic about reading the opinions of gamers about games and not having to worry about journalistic integrity or marketing propaganda. Provided that it's moderated well, of course, it's a fantastic idea. Setting up a podcast would also be great, but I think that would take far more effort for it to be worthwhile, with members who're dedicated to it, otherwise no one including GAF would even listen to it. But with careful planning and patience, I don't see how any of the ideas here could fail, it should also open up another revenue stream for NeoGaf.
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As long as it's a way for GAF to interact directly with devs and be a respectable voice, like it used to, I'm all for it.
Would love to see it.

At times I actually wish this was required all the time here given the tiresome amount of bad faith threads/trolling/fake concern.

neoGAF already have discord integration, so IDK, steam and PSN/Xbox .

IMO if someone here want to give his opinion about a game Staff could easily check if the user have the game or not. In times when we have Wired reviewers giving 1/10 because 'they hate someone', I can't imagine a better opportunity to give players voice to others about techinical review.

I would love to give my opinion in games I buy for PS4.

Buggy Loop

Sure why not. Would that include game reviews as well?

*flashbacks to gaming-age Ninja Gaiden black 6/10

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On the one hand yes, on the other hand this is the last place on the Internet that feels normal to me and it could be a slippery slope into the maelstrom.

We must venture boldly but carefully.


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I's not easy to run a site, so for the first period I would not put everything in it, like reviews or news or other stuff.

I, for one, am against reviews. Reviews are usually boring, filled with useless info and they often miss the point. Opinion on the forum(s) are better for that. It's hard to write a good review imho. But maybe reviews are useful to expose some hidden gem.

I would avoid news as well, since most of the are disguised PR statements, disguised leaks, unverified rumors from unreliable sources. We already have to fight those idiots who claims they are insiders, I don't want to give them another space.


Lore is such a strong personality. His trip to Europe was one of the best threads I've ever read.
I'd love to see him back in the limelight.

But I think running an editorial site would largely be more trouble than it's worth.
What bothers a bit me is how this place no longer houses industry people who used to interact with users all the time here, I think an idea like this could potentially make a change in this regard.

Sure we could then try to amp up the amount of quality discussions, which is admittedly sort of lacking compared to the Asylum when it comes to actual games.
Thats never coming back honestly. No point not being anonymous when social media links everyone together now and makes people vulnerable. I think everyone still checks it but will never be public about it, which is fine. Id never want my real name online either.


EviLore, with respect I don’t see how that, at least in a traditional sense, would fare any better without harming the forum itself traffic or discussion-wise. The side project, which is what this should be, should be its own thing or a vehicle to the forum. In my eyes, the vehicle should be a concurrent, which is why I voted maybe.

Podcasts? Eh. Magazines and gaming sites? Next. Blogs… kinda?

What about a digest? Perhaps even a weekly digest. Whether news is exciting or shit hits the fan, it might be nice to read just a digest of the happenings on the week. After all, a lot of us are getting older now and don’t have time to browse all day.

The digest could be as simple as a weekly recap with links, but I feel it would be better to have a staff take some of the best discussion and news of the week, rewrite and fact check, give proper community quotes and citations, and then end with a link to the original thread with the invitation to continue the convo.

Just an idea. What do I know tho, so much has changed and not just a busy member of the old (but not oldest) guard.



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Most definitely, now that Eurogamer has ousted itself as a bunch of jelly spined cunts, I could do with another gaming site to browse and read the sort of articles you're proposing from actual fucking adults who aren't afraid of twitter mobs. Absolutely sick to the back teeth with the state of gaming websites and their holier than thou pandering attitudes


While I agree to some extend, I don’t want typical gaf to change. I want NeoGAF to remain as it is, not affected by changes. I love the freedom. If you are to do something new, please consider not changing any policy. Thank you gaf. I love you.


I voted no, because regardless of intention, it will become political, and would rather avoid politics all together when I come here.


All the writers have to do is hold identical opinions to my own and I'll read whatever they write. Oh, and maybe get some guest editorials from popular Twitch thots on their gaming experiences.

As for reading the site on mobile, this is how I engage with NeoGAF 98% of the time. But that really only restricts the length of my posts, I still read walls of text (and look at hot chicks in the NSFW threads).
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Sounds like a great idea. The gaming sites are so invested in the clicks it would be nice to have a place for that kind of content that was just being created to be informative and interesting. Each article could have a companion thread on the forum for general discussion and user feedback (which would stop the news section from becoming ground zero for looney tunes console warriors by letting the user comments live on the forum). It could dovetail together very well.

As long as the requirement to be a "mature, level-headed adult" is only for the content creators and not the readers, I'm sure I'd enjoy the section. :messenger_beaming:


It fine yeah but it would take more than that to actually be interesting outside of being promoted by members here.

You need to bring something of substance outside of politics. Stuff like the Mama Robotnik Legacy of Kain deep dive thread. Something that actually makes me say this is an amazing article that not only makes me take a look at it but also learn something new.

Should also have a broad range of topics made by people who actually know what they're talking about. MMO's, Esports, Single Player etc.


EviLore EviLore suggestion -- maybe take some cues from somewhere like SputnikMusic (https://www.sputnikmusic.com/) ?

Any member of the community can submit a long form review for an album. Staff can also post reviews, and the home page has a highlighted section of recent/notable ones. They also maintain a list of albums per year and rank them from the aggregate score of the community.
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Only if the articles are brought to us by, the one and only, ChatGPT. You'll have all other competing websites beat in no time.

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If the concept is to have a home for the most thoughtful thoughts, to make them more worth creating, then I like it. It could go farther from there. But if it did stop there, it would be worthwhile.

Podcasts seem iffy though. Edited and produced videos like interviews etc is one thing. Podcast is different because it's more about personalities than ideas. Everything else can be vetted, edited, and provides ideas to kick off discussion. A podcast is just random bullshiting. Preferably among some funny people. Seems to not fit in and frankly a good way to make us all look like assholes sooner or later lol.

We already do that on the forum. I would fear losing the threads on the forum if we started did editorial thing, and take the focus a little away from the threads.

This shouldn't be an issue as there would naturally be a thread for a new submission.

Voted no. Anyone who thinks this isn't just going to go in a different (but same, but different) direction are kidding themselves.

I voted no, because regardless of intention, it will become political, and would rather avoid politics all together when I come here.

This is a thing. The policy here is as good as any but at some point you draw a line over what is acceptable and what's not and you can never please everybody. There are a lot of anti-woke refugees on here that have a chip on their shoulder and they are often venting. Jumping into threads not for the gaming content but to vent about culture stuff. Look at the preoccupation with resetera and I rest my case.

That is fine on the forum. Good enough. The site has to have some policy and it's not going to please everyone. All you can reasonably ask for is good enough. The result is a lively place with smart posters and a strong signal-to-noise ratio. Can't argue with that. But if you want an editorial section that is seen as concerned with only with gaming and not unnecessarily tinged by politics, it would have to have a much stricter "no politics" policy than is enforced on the forum.


Definitely some posters who I wouldn't mind reading a more long format opinion pieces on their view of the industry

Iced Arcade

Definitely! would help you with this site surviving to be honest.

For the love of god don't hire senjutsu or thicc_girls_are_teh_best though (jk fellas)
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Silver Wattle

Gold Member
There's potential for it to be a great addition to the forums, but it can't just be a free for all, otherwise we are going to have most posts being Jeff Rigby styled walls of text mixed with random amounts of conspiracies.


It's difficult to see this as a fun but quaint project that would likely be enjoyed only by a small group of enthusiasts, provided that it'll be created by a similarly passionate group of people whose only actual interest lies in covering game related news and editorials. But sure, that sounds like something that I would read since I grew up in an era where gaming editorial sites were worth reading for their thoughtful and enjoyable content that didn't constantly try to be preachy and pandered to lunatics on Twitter. I miss that kind of stuff.

Hell, having flexed my writing muscles professionally and nonprofessionally over the years since I last laid my eyes on a gaming magazine with dreams of becoming a professional games critic myself, I'd even try submitting my own content for this noble endeavor, and hoping that it'll be decent enough for publication.

Or not. Whatever, doesn't matter, as long as I'll have something cool to read while on a toilet, this is a great idea.
Yes please.

Although sometimes I like to skip those long walls of text that people like thicc_girls_are_teh_best thicc_girls_are_teh_best write I do appreciate the effort and they can be very informative or entertaining.

Depending on the topic (especially if it is an opinion on some genral topic in gaming/tech) it should contain a list of sources and contributers.

A discussion about each editorial should be allowed.

A "fact checking" feature should be implemented ( like links to places that contain contradicting facts should be added to the piece itself if the community demands it and the source is viable )

I know im gonna get backlash for the last one but it could lead to more balanced editorials/articles that could be very informative.


Yes. I quit going to basically every gaming site I ever frequented. A little counter programming would be great and it’s clearly effective when people do it, look at how successful Last Stand ended up being.


Lately it seems as though we're lacking sane and reasonable voices in this industry who are not polemics or activists on either side of the fence but still have an interesting perspective worth hearing. I think there is intrinsic value in well-written essays and articles on a platform that is not at all interested in clickbait, outrage-bait, or shilling.

At a few points in our site's history we've had an editorial section where we occasionally posted thoughtful features, interviews, and podcasts. It received a good amount of attention the last time we had it around, many moons ago, but the forum became so enormous in comparison that it didn't make that much sense to focus on anymore. These days, though, most people post on GAF from mobile and there isn't as much room for slower-paced longer format reading. Maybe it's time to circle back around and create a dedicated space for that content to shine.

An editorial site would be a place for reflecting on current events, conducting interviews and posting features, highlighting underrepresented indie games, technical breakdowns from devs, and whatever else seems worthwhile. Could maybe start up a podcast, time permitting, at least for long format interviews when opportunities arise to do those. The focus of the site would be gaming, gaming industry, and gaming culture, but from the perspective of mature, level-headed adults (with humor allowed!). I'd be EIC and would write some of it myself as well as accepting high quality submissions from the community and other guests.

Any interest? Thoughts?
Hey, I would like to be one of the podcast's hosts. I wanted to start my own podcast since a long time ago and this might be the opportunity I was waiting for.


Not sure why these editorials cant just be submitted and vetted threads? Rewarded with gold, or even paid proper as a freelancer/consultant.

A podcast could be okay maybe since its a diff audience and medium…maybe. Can be transcribed in a thread here and discussed.


We already do that on the forum. I would fear losing the threads on the forum if we started did editorial thing, and take the focus a little away from the threads.
My thought exactly

Quality posts would be reserved for the editorial stuff and thread quality would take a nosedive.


The poll is biased.

There is a hell yes but no, hell no.

🤭 So the person who made this probably made up his mind already.

No seriously why not?


You could invite users to the podcast. One evil person could even invite one of each camp and see what happens.
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