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Anybody here play older gen games exclusivily and not out of necessity?


Not because you can't get a next gen console or graphics card, but because you want to?

I'm talking about games from PS3/Xbox 360 and before? Like you don't even have a PS4/Xbox One, and haven't ever had one and are just playing older gen stuff?
when there're no modern games i really want to play, i play the old gen games i never got around to.

currently playing metroid prime 3 running on the wii u.
so far, definitely dont like it as much as prime 1 or 2.

have an unopened copy of bloodborne for a rainy day too (already played all the other souls games, except for ps5 demon souls).
I'm not sure where you are going with this, I don't think someone who has not bothered to upgrade his console since the PS360 area would be on this forum (prove me wrong).

I play older games regularly (all the way to 16-bit, rarely 8-bit).


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I played mostly on the Xbox 360 back then, only playing on the PS3 for Uncharted, Infamous, and some of the other big exclusives. But I missed out on a good deal of good games.

I have gone back to it recently and I am playing a lot of PS3 right now to catch up. Currently going through the Resistance franchise, soon I'm gonna start LittleBigPlanet.


Exclusively? Nah, I wouldn't say that, but mostly, yeah. And not of out necessity. I just can't get enough of 'em, really. I just love playing on my handhelds. The games are great, the ease of picking up and putting down is great, the graphics are fun for me. I don't know. Just love my handheld gaming. I have Steam and newer consoles, but eh...too much commitment, really. And most of the games coming out for them aren't stuff that appeals to me for the most part.
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Not exclusively, but I play older games often. I just recently played through Metal Gear and Metal Gear II: Solid Snake on the PS3 via the MGS Legacy Collection.

I’m also halfway through Final Fantasy II on the PS3 via the PS1 Origins collection.
Not exclusively but a lot, older games can be timeless, especially beautiful 2d games like marvel super heros, DKC, Mario world, etc... I am enjoying playing through DKC at the moment ... nostalgia


Played Psychonauts and before that Bayonetta, Wolfenstein the New Order, and probably a couple other gen 7 games.

I have a PS5 and PC, but I could focus on just the older games and I would still probably be fine without ever playing newer gen stuff.
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360/PS3 would look pretty grim on my 75inch tv. Though when a PS3/360 game comes to pc or gets a remaster I'm all over it. Same as ps2/GameCube I find the actual real games pretty rough but with higher res emulation I still play older stuff.

I do have a mamecab full of arcade/16bit/8bit stuff. On a 19inch screen( lcd sadly) with the right filters they look great.


I'm not sure where you are going with this, I don't think someone who has not bothered to upgrade his console since the PS360 area would be on this forum (prove me wrong).

I play older games regularly (all the way to 16-bit, rarely 8-bit).
There's LOTS of games on older consoles, and somebody could for all intents and purposes just play older gen games and still be good to go.

Also although I don't fit the description I mentioned in the OP, I mostly just read about games. I'd say the ratio of me reading about games to actually playing is like 10:1.
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Not exclusively but i'm always chipping at my backlog which at this point spans several generations.
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Dude.. I LOVE older games, spent the better part of the last few months playing through Half-Life and all expansions and Half-Life 2 and even as far back as Blood. But I wouldn't exclusively stick to any genre or era of games because there's so much great stuff to experience. Did you miss Witcher 3 and Breath of the Wild?



I have been playing wii u, 360, saturn, n64 and dreamcast the past few years.

I don't see the point paying through the teeth to play the same old shit on a new box when it was often done better previously. Even the graphics are stagnating now.

Maybe something will come up to change my mind, but post wii/360 I have seen little progress in genres that interest me.
I played DK64 last night after a few rounds of cruis’n blast. I really prefer older stuff, but I do play modern games as I have a ps5 and pc with rtx 3060.


I just played through Stalker: Shadow of Chernobyl and am now playing through Doom 3.

Honestly, I find that most games from at least the early 00s onward still look and play pretty good. Especially at high resolution and max settings (and a few mods if available). Plus, it's just nice to run those games at locked super high refresh rates and not worry about any performance issues ever.


Kinda? I mean there is nothing like playing a classic game absolutely maxed out and silky smooth for the first time. 😎


Uh, yes?

There's fuck-all to play regarding modern 'generations'

Even PS4 had started waving its dick around by this point
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I play new and old games alike, but lately most my time is spent playing Diablo 2 Resurrected, WWF No Mercy, and Wave Race: Blue Storm.


I'm not sure where you are going with this, I don't think someone who has not bothered to upgrade his console since the PS360 area would be on this forum (prove me wrong).
The last console I own is a PS3 and I'm not exactly playing all the latest and greatest AAA stuff on PC either.

To be fair, I'm rarely around the more console centric sites like these places and usually hang around the rpg codex but do pop my head in from time to time.
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Very often but not exclusively. There're lots of games worth playing and equally fun. Now they are dirt cheap, polished and have bunch of contents


Another "largely but not exclusively" here - the latest consoles I have are a PS4Pro and a XboxOneX, but I mostly play games on significantly older platforms. I had (and have) the money in my "gaming slush fund" to buy a PS5 and XSX, but as the release date got closer and closer I got less and less interested and at this point I suspect I'm not going to buy either until it's possible to just walk into a store and buy one at list or some game is released that I feel I really want to play.


We've reached technical diminishing returns in 3D games since Crysis went out in 2007.
2D games were at their peak during the 16/32bits era.

So yeah, plenty of "old" good stuff to play with.
Most 8 bit/pre-8 bit and 3D games from 95/2005 didn't age very well though.
Man, i have tons of consoles and games, old and new.
Everday i play something different on console or portable.

No dust on my shelves!
Old, new, does not matter...i just want fun!

Today per example, i want to play Jackie Chan StuntMaster and Crisis Beat on ps1, and i will do it.
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I wouldn't say exclusively, however if you want to experience titles that have not been bettered to this day, then bringing out the 360/PS3 is the only way to go....ie TopSpin 4...Transformers War for Cybertron and its sequel....James Bond Bloodstone...Alpha Protocol, etc...etc...

You can't even play Blur on today's systems....so I did get into that earlier this year...one tough racer for sure..
I own a 5th generation machine - the Sega Saturn and a lot of reproducted video games and originals for it because it doesn't have emulation on par with my standards; SSF/Mednafen is good, very good even, but there is noticeable input lag in both and that is not good. I frequently play it because of its vast amount of unique exclusive content. It's remarkable how many great games there are for it and how passionate the community is to fan translate japanese exclusive games that otherwise can't really be played without learning japanese. It's like taking a time machine back in the 90s to experience .. Japan, and Sega.

I don't have a problem with jagged early 3D graphics because i appreciate video games based on the time and system they were available on. As long as the controls are tight and responsive and as long as the framerate is consistently solid, then no other technical aspect can impede my enjoyment.

Other than that, i'm a PC gamer. I've got a good desktop machine and no interest in any other consoles. Right now my obsession is Diablo 2 Ressurrected, that's gonna last a while.
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