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Anyone else watching Squid Game on Netflix?


Jun 23, 2013
I really like the acting and story of My Name, the action scenes were brutal but seem unrealistic to me. Maybe because she fights so physical and to me she doesn't seem to have the physic for the fighting style. Lee Si-young (fire fighter) in Sweet Home would be great doing those fight scenes, she actually is a boxer and done a lot of action roles.
I actually like how the fights are depicted because she is shown to not be strong in most of the scenes, she either wins with a weapon or some good landed hit, she gets thrown around several times on the show.


Nov 26, 2006
There have been movies about deadly games or sports a long time before Battle Royale

Just a few of them:

The Most Dangerous Game
Das Millionenspiel/The Game of Millions
Running Man
Death Race 2000
Hard Target
Cube: It also became a very original japanese movie this year XD

It's a very popular genre and probably will never stop. Just like zombie movies.

Just in the last 2 years we got Ready or not, The Hunt, Escape Room 1 + 2, Alice in Borderland and now Squid Game.