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Anyone else's Youtube feed become a total clusterfark after clicking on too many click-baity videos?


I'm a simple guy. When I see boobs, I click on it.

After doing this for a few weeks now my Youtube feed is nothing but videos like this. I mean I still watch a lot of gaming, music, sports, and news videos but seems like all Youtube wants to feed me is more and more boobs.

How do I get my Youtube back to "normal" again?


I use freetube on my pc, so I don’t really have this issue anymore. On mobile I don’t use an account, but the same thing will happen if I don’t delete my cookies
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I look at the likes/dislikes ratio before I play the video. Helps if I remove unwanted videos from my history. Blocking misleading channels also helped


Just start searching for pet stuff like dogs or cats and youtube will gladly turn your homepage into a cuteness overload dispenser.

lol That's where I'm at on a more or less permanent basis. In the past, though, there was some less cute stuff showing up (eg. snake swallows animal whole! - picture in thumbnail) and I had to do the stuff InterMusketeer InterMusketeer recommended to get it to stop.
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Yeah a couple showed up on my feed too. I tried not to click on them.

Theres also the massage videos and breast feeding videos. Its weird that youtube doesnt ban any of this stuff.
I don't remember what I was searching but I got tons of results showing pornographic thumbnails.

Just imagine the amount of videos uploaded every second, probably there is an small window where some fucked up videos are available.


Not only for YouTube, but I turned off all tracking software and turned off targeting ads across the board, and this is what I get from Google ads on NeoGAF:

When I researched on why I’m getting this here and no place else, it says that non-targeted ads are dependent on the website. 🤔. I think I need to turn ad tracking back on.


Turn off your history and recommendations. You will get the "generic" feed based on your subscriptions and a gestalt of what is popular overall. I turned off the tracking features a few years ago and it's been great. Far less time spent on YouTube and I have seen so many interesting videos I would never have considered locked into the Algo.


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My youtube has been super fucking slow for the past months, like half the times it looks like it doesn't want to load a search or the page, any solution??

For the OP, can't you just search for korean porn like a normal pervert??
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I am getting more of the 'grievance related' videos.

We did fuck ourselves over as a species by gaming engagement via negative headlines/titles/clickbait.

I really want to create a LAL model to block this twitter handles/YouTube channel.


My feed is full of these:

It started quite harmless, when I clicked on a video by TheQuartering every now and then during the "Brie Larson era". The system seemed to notice and subsequently recommended me Ryan Kinel - whom I find a lot more entertaining and consequently watched a lot more. Then, during the Heard Depp lawsuit the system assumed (correctly) that I would probably like That Umbrella Guy, and I watched a lot of his videos just because of his hilarious thumbnails. I admire that he seems to be able to constantly find new pictures of Amber where she makes another sad/hateful/awkward facial expression.

I usually watch carwow and other channels that deal with personal finance and electric cars - those seem to have completely vanished from my feed.
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