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Anyone playing Rollerdrome?


Saw it on special on the PS5 so decided to give it a shot. What a neat little game! A little bit of Tony Hawks mixed in with 3rd person combat in different arenas with a very nice stylized look and some amazing futuristic synth wave type tunes and, well, this is the game made for me!

It almost has a Rollerball type aesthetic (think 70’s realization of the future) and I’m all in for it! Game is extremely fun and addictive once you get the hang of it. It has the hook of not only killing the combatants in the arena but, like Tony Hawks, completing certain tasks within each arena and also building up your kill combo to achieve a high score and better ranking.

It was only around $30 aud and it was WELL worth the price of admission! Having a blast playing it with my 10 year old son. He’s addicted to it as well!

Only been playing a couple of hours but loving it and it comes highly recommended! A solid 9/10 for me!
Yep, the game was awesome. Would be interested in DLC or a sequel down the line. I just wish there was a better way to do tricks (using an analog stick feels a bit imprecise for combo inputs)

The Out For Blood mode is tough! I turned on infinite ammo for that and focused on having fun lol


I forgot to mention that killing enemies gives you health but, to collect ammo, you need to perform stunts. It all sounds hectic and it is. But damn it’s glorious!


Also mods, just noticed there were a few threads here about this game. If needed, you can shut this thread down.


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That game actually came out?


I would love to after watching skill up's YouTube vid review on it.

But I've not got a PC or a PS. Maybe in the future it will release for Mac, Switch or Xbox because I'd love to play it. Looks awesome. Tony hawk mixed with Doom 2016/eternal apparently?
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I thought it sucked and I recommend skipping it.

The presentation is there but the gameplay is as deep as a puddle. You can't mess up tricks or skating really, and it doesn't feel or handle particularly well. You auto-skate forward like Tony Hawk, and the turning isn't super fluid. The tricks aren't that in depth.

Then the shooting basically sucks. If you're even slightly next to an enemy it auto locks on.

So basically you just kind of coast around and do tricks you can't really fail at, and then shoot enemies without a lot of input from the player. And hit the dodge button when they shoot. If that sounds fun, then go for it.
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