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Are you happy with Gamepass currently?

Are you happy with your Gamepass sub?

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So all expansions for eso and fo76 are free?

ESO still not worth it without sub imo. Just a shame its not part of pc gp because I personally prefer mmos on an open platform with kb and mouse.
Just for FO76.

ESO only has base game and the discount.

Yeah, I played on ESO on console first. Did not like it. It took a while for me to try it again on PC and it was much better. Also since the Morrowind expansion released, I came back and played it again just to soak in the nostalgia.



I play League of Legends a lot and I know for a fact that it is a free game and subscribing to gamepass means you get to unlock every champion in the game. Not the skins which you can only buy with money*.
Ok, fair point. I wasn't considering that. But that is a positive benefit of subscribing to Game Pass and to your point, that could influence how future GaaS games might work, pushing people into subbing. I don't see this as a bad thing though specially since we're talking about GaaS games, games you don't really get to 'own' anyway so a sub is a perfect match to unlock characters and such.


TBH it's really dried up lately.
I'm still happy with it.. and I never actually buy games.
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