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As a PS5 owner, things are looking bleak for sony in the next Decade!

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Predicts the worst decade for Sony starting 2022
It's clear as day how the next "console war" stage is heading, we are heading to a war of subscription services. Exclusives have always been important when it comes to hardware sales but now days it's more about how much content you can add versus a few exclusive games

Microsoft is making blockbuster moves like buying Bethesda possibly Activision, flat out buying many other studios, doing their best to repair their image. (yes the xbox one reveal debacle still is being felt today) ON paper the Series X is even the most powerful console. Microsoft is using it's deep pockets and can see this seriously paying off in the next few years.

On the other hand, Sony has been getting a bad anti consumer rep lately. The massive Gran Turismo greed debacle combined with reports that ps3 games you purchased digitally are blocked from use with their new service is not a good look. If you compare spartacus to Game Pass it's down right pathetic. The main difference is game pass offers much more for not much difference in price. Sony did a great job of taking advantage of the xbox one debale and become the consumers people's champion. I think corporate greed maybe steering them away from it.

Lets fast forward 5 years. Lets say Microsoft becomes real aggressive and decides to make all of their companies games exclusive to the xbox brand. With the amount of games under the xbox umbrella, Microsoft have much more firepower than Sony could dream of offering right now. If you want to play the next Call of duty, Doom, Fallout, etc you have to play it on gamepass. Hell this gamepass could spread even more to smartphones, smart tv's, almost anything that can offer a conneciton. Sony in the long haul just cannot complete with their handful of best int he business exclusives.

Lets fast foward 10 years from now. It's time for the ps6/xbox series Z. Chip shortages are here to stay. It's not just the pandemic but demand for almost anything who need certain microchips are going to make demand scarce for the foreseeable future. Cars, tablets, phones, consoles, pc's and every other smart device are all fighting for the same components. As the years go on, more and more devices need these same chips and demand simply cannot catch up. It makes much more sense for Sony/Microsoft to make a simple console and use streaming as the main source. I do not believe the next consoles will be complicated devices but more simple streaming boxes. Much more cost efficient for the manufacture's and consumer alike.

In 10 years I believe streaming will be the future and it's going to be more about buying Sony Exclusive service or Microsoft exclusive service! The average available streaming speed across the USA today is 200mbps. In 10 years it will probalby be over a gig or more. I can verify using Geforce now that streaming gaming can be flawless if executed properly. In 10 years I can almost guarantee they will have the kinks worked out along with the increased speeds that will make this feel like a native experience. It's going to come down to if you want to buy the PS6 streaming box with their style controller versus Xbox Game Pass and their streamign box and exclusive controller. This is a nightmare situation for Sony but it is what it is.

*before the whole Xbox fanboy flames note that I haven't owned an Xbox since the 360 days. I exclusively play on the Quest 2, switch, and ps5. With that being said, Microsoft is making moves now that will pay off in the long haul.
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Despite owning and enjoying all hardware, I've been falsely accused multiple times of being pro xbox on these forums. (Even by the mods) So know that when I say that while you are partly right, your also very wrong.

Sony does have some issues with having to compete with gamepass and all of the studios ms has bought. However, they are far from being "in trouble" or need to panic. They will lose some market share, but they have too many good ip's and great studios plus loyal fans to panic. I think you will see a shift from dominance last gen to a more even split.


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I can't help but feel like our average intelligence has waned over the past i dunno, half a year to a year? Am I alone in this or am I just being cynical?


Sony is doing what they always did… focus in AAA focused single player games.
But that's not what they're doing anymore. They bought Bungie which is not known for AAA focused single player games. I've heard some other Sony studios are working on gaas type of games. So no, things have changed. It will be interesting to see what Sony looks like in 5-10 years from now.


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I think Sony will adapt and be just fine and Nintendo will continue coming up with some crazy ideas that manage to separate them from the rest.

The future is definitely looking interesting though!


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I think Sony should hire Bryank75 as a consultant and revolutionize their business. Priority 1: cancel all PC ports and crush PC gaming for good.


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The massive Gran Turismo greed debacle

Forgive me if I'm mistaken, but this isn't really massive in any sense. A few people on a forum complaining don't really tip the scales. I believe the game is selling well.

Also interesting that you fail to recall any of the massive missteps that Microsoft have taken over the years.

Anyway, continue on with mission F.U.D.


Ps5 will be fine. Psvr2 will be the dark horse of this gen. I don't expect it to do more than 25 million sales, but think it will have one of the best exclusive libraries of any add on, rivaling most consoles.
As long as it's just Microsoft and Nintendo I don't think Sony needs to worry.
It will get very squeezy if more console makers show up. I can see them losing more and more share of the pie. Sony will still be around I think, Just smaller.


All I got to say is since the new Sony ceo decided to change the PlayStation division, things got uninspired. Maybe they are trying to get their footing/ make things work because of the big changes but PlayStation of PS4 era and PlayStation of PS5 are night and day difference and seems worsening but we do not know the future!!!

Nintendo only relies on gaming, so their moves will be risk averse as they are always do so they will be around.

That said I will not even talk about Xbox because somehow many people will come at me with pitchforks “ how dare you to be critical of MS”

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Coalition New IP (Star Wars rumored)

Yes.. by my calculations gaming in the next decade or so is very bleak. I 100% agreem. What a shit show for both parties... :p

Just because we know more Microsoft stuff doesn't mean Sony has nothing interesting. Come on now.. just be patient peeps.


When I read the title I looked up to my TV setup to see if I had a PS3 or a PS5. I thought I woke up in the past.
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