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Assassin's Creed 3 Game Informer Details


What kind of information was included in the interview? It seems like it was taken down and I can't access the google cache version. It looks like it contained some new screenies.

There was just a piece of concept art. There was actually some interesting information, he expanded on the control system. There's no lock-on anymore, you have to position Connor yourself to choose who to attack, so even more like Batman:AA. :p And as people have figured, his main weapon is indeed the tomahawk and not a sword. He still has hiss assassin's blade. :p
anyone got any news about Nintendo Gamer's WiiU exclusive first look?

here's the cover anyways



Man, this combined with that Metro interview that I missed really sucks. Did you get a chance to watch it?

Yup, he talked about:
  1. Wanting the combat to take place on something more than just flat surfaces like most games. For example, maybe someone is standing on top of a log trying to shoot you, or at the bottom of a hill and you have to charge down at him from the top. He also mentioned that it seems like a "well no shit I can do that!" but stressed how it was actually challenging to implement
  2. the Anvil Engine 2.0 and how he wants this game to really stand out graphically at the end of the lifespan of these consoles, he wants people to remember AC3 as one of the best/best looking games on the 360/PS3.
  3. Not just an "America FUCK YEAH!" game, the focus isn't even on you trying to win the revolutionary war, but on the fight against the templars. You'll be killing people on all sides.
  4. He talked about how hard it was to get the tree climbing working without you just "looking like tarzan the game" .


I like the stuff about opponents on different elevations. In the previous games, everyone would try to jump down or climb up to your level.
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