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Assassin's Creed Valhalla Spring Update (1.51)

Reizo Ryuu

Jump into spring with Assassin’s Creed® Valhalla’s latest free content updates! Get ready for new and improved Mastery Challenge content and the return of the Ostara Festival. To top things off, you’ll find an early look at what’s to come in May.
Mastery Challenge Pack 2
This spring, the Ostara Festival returns to Ravensthorpe with all-new rewards! From April 21 through May 12, protect the Raven Clan from chaotic spirits that run wild during the night.
From April 21–28, the Unibear mount will be available upon completion of the Ubisoft Connect challenge “Freya’s Madness.”
Want more free content? Look no further. Here’s a peek at what’s coming to Valhalla in May! Stay tuned to our official pages for more information regarding this content in the coming weeks.

What do you give a Viking who already has a vast, deadly arsenal? Something to store it all in. The Armory is a new building which can be built in Ravensthorpe that allows you to customize and display your favorite gear sets. The Armory accommodates up to five loadouts of weapons, armor, and skills. Once they are saved to a display mannequin within the building, Eivor may freely change between these loadouts from anywhere in the world.
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