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Asseto Corsa replaces Gran Turismo for the FIA Motorsport Games

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With the recent absence of FIA branding from Gran Turismo 7’s flagship esports series, there was a question mark over whether Gran Turismo would return for the FIA’s own esports competition — and the answer is now a very firm “no”.

Instead the 2022 event will run on Assetto Corsa Competizione, with the racers using that game’s GT3 cars. GT3 will also be the focus of three other on-track disciplines, in GT, GT Sprint, and Endurance, at the Games.


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I don't see an issue. I don't even know what the partnership ever did for GT, anyway.
Just looked like sponsorship, to me.


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GT is more of a car collecting, and taking photos than an actual sim racing game. lol

jk.. I think lol

I mean, you're super not wrong about that. Though that's what I like about it (outside of the horrendous monetization of course).

One thing it's missing though is custom garages. Subsets of your collection that you can arrange in myriad digital garages with different aesthetics and lighting that you can then walk through a la PGR. No idea why that continues to be absent in these games.


Wasn't the narrative that GT7 required always online because of FIA stuff? Well, guess there goes that narrative...
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