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Atelier Ryza 3 - Alchemist of the End & the Secret Key |OT| Thighs Thicker Than A Gold Puni


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I am playing. If it takes over 60 hours it may take me a month to beat it. I am getting better with the combat, but I still prefer turn based. I am focused on the bottom right of my screen the entire time monitoring when my turn is and health. I am completely missing the action. Turn based I can better see what is going on. The combat is sort of a worst case mix of action and turn based. If someone dies I can't switch them out quick enough to save myself. Usually if one person falls the battle is over.
I was like that at the beginning of the the 2nd game but I got used to the he pace of the combat, now I quick can switch up my character who are on low health with my back up characters and you can use items to heal those who are not in active battle.


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I’m so dumb, I forgot to download the free costumes in the first two weeks… now they’re gone. God damnit.
Honestly me too.....


Finished the story. Overall I was disappointed in the game. The combat never was enjoyable. I did enjoy the synthesizing, but it remains shallow compared to previous titles. I feel like they threw too many ideas at the game, too many areas to explore and too many teammates. It was really a combination of the first two games with few new characters. I will be paying attention to future titles and if they stick with the combat of this game, I think I will simply skip them and replay the older ones. I am glad to see some remakes of older titles. I hope they do more.
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