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AYA NEO Retro Pro - The portable Ryzen 7 4800U powered Xbox/PS?


I love these handhelds and mini pcs. I've almost bought a OneX player in the past and do own a minisforum 5900hx mini pc.

For those saying about build quality, from what I've heard the build quality on the aya neo and one X player are supposedly great. For the price, they also have to be.

I think its approaching a really interesting time for SFF gaming. The next few years could yield some really impressive results.


Regardless of cost, the drifting joysticks in new controllers and Nintendo's own hardware keeps me disinterested in all of it. Valve seems to be fixing this.


NeoGAFs Kent Brockman

Two Ryzen Powered handheld face off in this video, The New Valve Steam deck powered by a Custom Zen 2 Ryzen APU with RDNA2 Graphics and the AYa Neo Next Powered by an 8 Core Zen 3 Ryzen APU "5800U" with Vega 8 Graphics. Which handheld is Faster for PC Gaming? let's find out

01:50-Steam Deck Vs Aya Neo Next Specs
03:56-Steam Deck Benchmarks Vs Aya Neo Next
05:33-God Of War Aya Neo Next Vs Steam Deck
07:19-The Witcher 3 Steam Deck Vs Aya Neo Next
08:28-Elden Ring STeam Deck Vs AYa Neo Next
09:53-Forza Horizon 5 Steam Deck Vs AYa Neo Next
10:55-Final Thoughts


NeoGAFs Kent Brockman

The Aya Neo Next Advance is a PC gaming handheld with its sights set to dethrone Valve's Steam Deck. Providing a 100% Windows environment in such a small package, is the AYANEO NEXT the best handheld gaming device available for PC gaming and is it worth the price? We'll walk you through our experience with it in our review.

00:00:00 - Intro & Overview
00:02:42 - Hardware & Features
00:06:03 - Performance
00:09:56 - Verdict

TheAya Neo Next is a powerful handheld gaming PC, but whether or not it's worth the much higher price is going to depend on how much you value Windows. The configuration we tested is a limited edition Advance model, which will be available directly from Aya Neo for $1,345. The standard version will feature the same config but have the option of a 1TB SSD for $1265 at launch and $1315 at retail. The 2TB version will cost $1365 at launch and $1465 after. A Pro version will also be available, which upgrades the processor to a slightly faster Ryzen 7 5825U CPU, 32GB of RAM, and 2TB of NVMe storage.
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