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Babylon's Fall is releasing one day before Gran Turismo 7, do you care about it?

What do you think?

  • Will buy

    Votes: 6 3.7%
  • Will not buy

    Votes: 43 26.4%
  • Depends on critical reception

    Votes: 11 6.7%
  • Needs 80+ on meta to even consider

    Votes: 4 2.5%
  • I suspect the biggest flop of 2022

    Votes: 51 31.3%
  • Releasing close to Elden Ring, Horizon and GT7 is gonna wreck it's chances

    Votes: 43 26.4%
  • I think it might surprise some people

    Votes: 5 3.1%

  • Total voters


They're screwing themselves. GT7 + Elden Ring and Horizon from a weeks past. They should've 100% moved the date.


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Nope and even it it did look interesting, I'll have Elden Ring and GT7 on my plate for awhile.

EDIT: This also reminded me that Shadow Warrior 3 is coming out the same week as GT7 and that fits that exact situation mentioned above.
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I've never heard of it but I couldn't give less of a shit about GT7 so if I had to choose I would get this Babylon game.


I think games like GT or Elder Ring are targeted to other type of players. I think Babylon's Fall will be better than many people expects it to be, and that will look better than the youtube compression makes you think. I think that as usual in Platinum Games titles, will get a 78 or so Metacritic, will sell a couple of millions and will recoup so for them will be a moderate success.
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Looking at some gameplay footage, it's a visually incoherent mess. The giant floating weapons take up non-trivial screen real estate and I immediately don't care about what's happening as the player slashes the room full of identical damage sponge enemies.

I can't imagine what they're thinking releasing a game in this state. It looks like a graphically updated free Korean MMO from 10 years ago. Those transparent weapons are awful, the combat looks floaty, laggy, slow (maybe it's the players in that video?). The traversal is meaningless as you just run from one encounter room to the next one.

I always think there's room for co-op gaming because playing with your friends is the easiest way to make something fun, but I just don't think any of my friends would even be interested in something like that.

And this was from the MGR director??? This game should absolutely not release in this state, much less at the time they are releasing it. This is the definition of being sent out to die.


It looked interesting when it was announced, recent footage made me less enthusiastic. Seemed very average. Will try out the demo, but I really had no idea it was going to be released close to GT7. Seems like a poorly planned release window, but shall see I suppose.

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Launching right now is insane. I'm not sure there will be a good time to launch this game I never heard about before today, but I know for sure this is a really bad time. I can't remember the last time we had a 2 month stretch like the current one. Probably hasn't happened before.

Astral Dog

i have zero interest on this, seems like Nintendo made sure to get the good teams and left the scraps for Square


It's almost as if OP thinks people can't buy more than one game in a given week.

Anyway, have to try the demo, but it doesn't look all that great tbh.


This forum's fascination with GT7 is hilarious lol.

Are you also going to date your calendar based on that game going forward? "the year is 16 AGT and and in a few months we will get GT8 on PS7, can't wait".

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Bad timing to release this game with some major title nearby

Shouldve postpone and delay the game to a safer august - sept release date
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I was interested about it when it was announced but since I lost almost all interest.Maybe it's becuase recent platinum games felt pretty bad so I kinda lost interest in the studio too.Maybe they have a project right up my alley but for now they've been disapointing.


The OT for this game has to be

Babylon's Fall: Neir Sengoku Basara

It is giving those vibes. Neir Floating weapons with Sengoku Basara incoherent design and braindead enemies.


Nope , it released close to Chocobo Racing and that game look more fun than this . Going to get that instead


It's amazing to me that a game developed by platinum and published by square has absolutely zero hype around it. Like many others I've never heard of this game.

Their decision to release between 2 fucking juggernauts is baffling. Like, if you're going to sabotage the release that badly then why are you bothering? Why is Square spending money to publish it this way?


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Pre ordered it ages ago just because it is Platinum. Got upgraded to a steelbook.

At least that will look nice in my backlog pile.


The weird part here is that Sony paid for exclusivity and yet the game is launched 3 weeks after Horizon: Forbidden West and a day after Gran Turismo 8 (not to mention a certain Elden Ring).

That seems a waste of money.


Let's get real here, this game is going up against Elden Ring and will be found wanting. Racing and Sports games have a different audiance from real gamerz™.
Also, Somehow I was convinced this was a F2P game, so imagine my surprise when I just saw it for 69.99€ on Steam.
When people say that games looks like a 360 PS3 game i usually turn an eye but in the case of Babylon's fall my god it bad graphics looks horrible and unappealing wile charging full price game is DOA already
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The footage evillore posted makes it look as busy as guardians of the galaxy which I thought was a mess. It was way too busy on the screen just like this looks like.

I wasn't planning on checking this out anyway but what a horrible time for release

Mr Hyde

I don't care much for racing games in general but I'd rather double dip on Gran Turismo three times over before I'd even consider buying Babylon's Fall. That's how much I care about that game.


The fact that SE just dropped it and didn't give reviewers early copies does not bode well. That and it also being more forced GaaS trash.
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Lol, I had completely forgotten about this game.

I think it's going to flop hard. I don't want to see Platinum fail as they are one of my favourite development teams, but christ this game looks bad.

Punished Miku

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The fact that SE just dropped it and didn't give reviewers early copies does not bode well. That and it also being more forced GaaS trash.
SQEX release strategy is kind of bonkers lately.

Baby's Fall
Chocobo GP
Triangle Strategy
Strangers of Paradise

All in March.


They couldn't have picked a worse time to release it. The demo seemed kind of fun but there's no way I could invest into a kind of fun live service game this month. Pushing it to next month, maybe could have made it more enticing.

Maybe it will be a kind live service game and allow you to catch up without missing anything if you pick it up later. Don't know if this one will be like that or not.


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