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Battlefield 2042 - Early Access Launch PS5 Gameplay 4K 60FPS (7 Day Early Access with Gold & Ultimate Edition)


So, the game has a weird launch schedule as with all EA games now. Early access if you pay more. Game is 1 day earlier as with NZ launch you can get 8 days now haha. I made a thread for the beta so will be comparing a lot from the beta itself. Here's some info:

- PS5 version install size is 43.78 GB
- as with the beta, no modes. Just a standard mode. PR mentioned it runs at 4K 60FPS. Looks upscaled. Don't remember what the exact max resolution was from the beta.
- options to change FOV, motion clur, lens distortion, chromatic aberration etc.
- I don't really remember what Portal mode was. Went and played a couple matches and it was maps from old BF games.
- Just like the beta you sometimes change attachments when you die. WTF did they not fix this issue?
- Overall the game is more stable from the beta. Didn't notice fps issues, or crashes. I played a couple hours on my account and a friends account, no crashes or freezes so far.
- Unlike the beta, not all the attachments are available from the get go for each gun. We got to use, earn xp and unlock them.
- I had a funny moment where I landed on a Jet mid flight in this video below. Was parachuting and an enemy jet came underneath and scooped me from the sky. Obviously i died 2 seconds later. Still thought it was cool. I think we can do some crazy stuff with teammate vehicles in the air haha.
- The UI and the interface is still annoying when trying to change classes in the match. Idk i felt that in the beta, and still feel that in the game.

I'll play more and update the thread. If you guys want to see other maps gameplay, or have any questions let me know. Gonna dive back into the game

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