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Battlefield 2042 is reportedly in ‘abandon ship’ mode as EA switches focus to the next series entry


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Speaking on his premium Giant Bomb show Grubbsnax (transcribed by VGC), journalist Jeff Grubb said EA is attempting to fulfil the game’s promised DLC using as few resources as possible so that it can focus on the next Battlefield game.

“This game is basically down to a skeleton crew. It’s down to like the bare bones and those people are specifically just working on the promised additional seasons that the game needs to meet the requirements of the high-end version that it sold,” said Grubb, who described the situation as “abandon ship time”.

EA has committed to releasing four seasons of live service content for Battlefield 2042 over the course of a year.

“The skeleton crew is working to pump that stuff out the fastest and the cheapest it possibly can,” Grubb said.

He then said the reason for this is that EA is currently in pre-production for the next Battlefield game.

“They’re doing this to move everyone on to the new Battlefield as fast as possible,” he claimed. “The real core crew of Battlefield developers are already working on that.”

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Ooft, I genuinely feel sorry for those that went all in with the ultimate edition and believed. (Even after trying the beta)
& I also feel sorry for those that are making the next 3 seasons to for a couple thousand people to play due to obligations.
I'm more amazed they haven't gone free to play to try salvage the game, or offered people that purchased the game, a free upcoming game as an apology like ubisoft did with unity to save some goodwill.

I still think it is a damn shame that EA abandoned anthem though, as it had potential.
I honestly can't believe how far this franchise has fallen.

I still remember booting up BF 1942 for the first time, like 20 years ago. It blew me away and I immediately knew this was something special. It changed the potential I saw for multiplayer FPS. I got completely immersed in that game. After you finished a match, it felt like an actual storyline you created. So many unique moments created by the freedom it allowed.


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2042 had strong sales and now they want to abandon ? absolute cash grabbing scums.
Did it have strong sales?
It never made it into the top most played list.
Pretty much every game with a marketing budget gets into the top most played list cuz atleast the first two weeks everyone is just excited for a new game.

Kenneth Haight

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So sad to see this once great franchise that even just a few short years ago was miles better than COD, now a husk of its former self. They’re going to have to make the next one unbelievably special if they’re going to turn this around, but I feel this could be the final nail.

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How many back to back failures can Dice endue before they're shuttered or at least have mass firings?

I mean the reality is they had 3 years to make what is effectively no more ambitious than a decent community developed mod of their previous games, using the same engine they've been working on for over a decade, and yet they come out with something that even at its most basic conceptual level, whether be its setting, art, weapons, abilities etc., is atrocious and uninspired.

Seriously, how much talent have Dice lost from the team that made Battlefield 4 in just two years to now?


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I think I'm officially done with Battlefield and I was there from the start.
unless we get Bad Company 3 of course . . . I'm only human
What makes you think they are capable of doing the Bad Company series justice after the last 2 shambles of games? All they will do is ruin another best of In the series.

Looks like the ABC brigade didn't financially keep them afloat, Who would have thought it.

Dice are done, let them Rott for their decisions.
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Given another chance
Like many of you have said, I won’t buy another BF game again. Everyone knows the talent has now left the studio, and of course EA/DICE shambles of if they have handled this is beyond belief.

I’ll never preorder a damn game again after this. My own fault for having faith…..no more…
Specialists are cancer 100%. Fuck the guy that pushed that on the concept stages of the game.

Fuck battle royale modes

Fuck not having a k/d board to check how you're doing compared to the rest of the server.

Triple fuck the random bullet spread, especially when you're scoped and taking single shots. Killing merit based gameplay for luck of the draw.

Basically i wish they would go back to BF3/BF4, just with proper anti-cheat protection. It's the minimum we deserve.


I was burned by pre-ordering battlefield 5 and decided then never to pre-order another battlefield game ever again. Although 5 is now great, I'm glad I didn't get 2042.
You have to admire the persistence with which EA is willing to produce one differently colored turd after the other. And people complain there's not enough creativity in the AAA space.


They've been in abandon-ship mode since November 12th.
You've got to be seriously naive or delusional to think they care about this game.
They probably had a total of 5 guys working on this game since the end of last year, yet they lied about having everyone on-board for months.
That's why I've had this game uninstalled since December. No reason to take further insult from them.


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Im not trying to simply be toxic when I say "I hope this game continues to fail hard", I know theres lots of people involved with this game that are just regular people doing their jobs and aren't decision makers.

But I fuckin love the Battlefield franchise, the OG games carved out a special place in my heart. And it sucks to see it such a meme now. It also leaves a void in gaming I feel like... there should be a spot for a fun casual team shooter you can enjoy thats not all about being sweaty as fuck and skying your K/D. But I like seeing this game tank hard as fuck because they need to know every single idea was bad.

They need to go into the next one and be like "We cant salvage a thing from the previous clusterfuck." Go allllllll the way back to BF 2/3/4 and Bad Company and look at those, those are the north star.
Battlefield is a shell of its former self. The game hasn’t been truly amazing since Bad Company 2 in my opinion. BF3 and 4 were good, nothing on BC2 though. 1 and 5 were OK at best.


They need to go into the next one and be like "We cant salvage a thing from the previous clusterfuck." Go allllllll the way back to BF 2/3/4 and Bad Company and look at those, those are the north star.
You'd have better luck getting a disabled toddler to recreate the Mona Lisa with finger paints.


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I think I'm officially done with Battlefield and I was there from the start.
unless we get Bad Company 3 of course . . . I'm only human

Battlefield hasn't been good in a decade and not great for longer.

EA continuously produces hot garbage.

Why were so many people surprised by this game? Shit like this happens constantly where a big shitty publisher with a terrible track record pumps out a turd and everyone seems surprised. Why are so many people, even ones that closely follow the industry, always buying these games?! It's madness.
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