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Battlefield 2042 Reveal Trailer


Explosion go bang.
Explosion go bang.
Explosion go bang.

Chicken Mocking GIF by swerk

...seriously lads, if this shit is still impressing you in 2021, it's time to have a word with a nice adult who can help you across the road.
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Multiplayer only and screenshots are nowhere near same quality as the trailer. Absolute joke.
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reposts tweets from kids about console wars
70 dollars on the next gen consoles for less content. no thanks, if it came to gamepass that would be a save.


They should've wait a made a BF2242. Because its a cross gen gane they could only manage 2042. If that's not proof enough, I dont know what is.
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Xbox fans are gonna be wondering if every up and coming game is gonna be gamepass 'day and date' all generation aren't they?
I'm not buying any more releases on XBox while I'm paying for Gamepass, fuck that shit. I'll wait or play it on my PS5



EA the only company to make the future look boring and sterile

their games always have this uninspired look, and the gun play of BF is terrible
It looks really uninspired which is weird because BF1 and BFV both had a very distinct WW look.

The gunplay in BF1 was fantastic. The problem was that they gave you shitty guns to start off and every class had their own progression system which made getting to the good guns even harder.

But once you got there, the gunplay was top notch. On par with Destiny and CoD imo. They ruined it with BFV by making it less arcadey to appease the BF youtubers who ironically left the game for warzone anyway lol.

Check out this clip when you get a chance. Had a blast playing the game for over 400 hours. I just loved how heavy and fun the guns felt. Great mix between cod and Killzone. The little ping after every kill also reminded me KZ2.



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Now that's a cool reveal trailer.

Have you ever heard about "Battlefield moments" ? This is all about it.
Nah I still think it's idiotic. In-engine cutscenes the entire thing, lame music and memes of the type "hey look look you can do that thing with the jet that everyone knows". I would probably have liked it if those same sequences were from actual first-person gameplay though. Have to wait for the MS show for that


It looks like every military shooter made in the last ten years.

Nah. I don't know what the fuck you've been playing, but I've never seen an MP with all that shit going on. So I'm not shocked that DICE is going fucking HAM on the tech, they are known for that, they got a fucking tornado going on in a match lol
What in the absolute fuck are the point of these trailers, they generate 0 hype serve zero purpose it's mind boggling that they haven't learned shit from the disaster of a trailer that was bf5.
Why waste time, money and resources on this


So good. Fucking finally. No virtue signaling bullshit, no cyborg arms or samurai swords.

Sir, let that shit go. I enjoyed well over 400 hours in BFV, never gave a fucking shit about any of that crap. BF 2042 is a day 1 for me for the MULTIPLAYER, they could have shown 100 Cyborgs Virtue Signaling with 100 Samurai Swords and I wouldn't give a shit. This is a video game, not a fucking documentary or history book lol Using your logic, you should be more pissed, Cyborg arms? Sir, they got fucking robot dogs and shit, tornados and people flying lol

If you are looking for some military sim, you in the wrong place. Enjoy Battlefield for what it is.


Meh, pretty generic trailer but I'm excited for the game.

Modern/future and helicopters. Nice.

DICE's "in engine" footage is the least representative in engine footage around, go look at star wars squadrons prerelease "in engine" then look at gameplay.
Look at battlefront 1 trailer and final product. Damn close.


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What a stupid trailer that was. Trying to be more over the top than COD it seems.
Well, to be honest Battlefield as a series was always more over the top than COD with its gameplay. But then COD added vehicles, etc.

I loved back when the differences between both were much more obvious, they're too similar to one another these days.

I'm in regardless as I've always been a fan of Battlefield, and I want a new good one to fix the mess that BFV was. Hoping the best for this, but we'll see how it pans out.
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Why do they bother with these worthless pre-rendered, in-engine trailers every year? Just give us unedited, gameplay footage.
Its for the masses to build excitement 'yo look at this, pew, pew, looks rad man!'.
Its the same with movie trailer, they have the same format. Can you imagine if instead of this format, movie trailers were just a 2min scene from the movie?, it wouldnt have the same effect.


Why do they bother with these worthless pre-rendered, in-engine trailers every year? Just give us unedited, gameplay footage.


They are marketing a fucking multi million dollar game..... You are still going to get that gameplay footage, they still need to market, advertise, get people excited and or hype to move units. I see zero benefit to them NOT having a hype trying in engine showing off all the features in a cinematic way. Most are there for the MP, they want ot see those MP features......if we can see them in a cool ass trailer, I see nothing against it as WE STILL get a gameplay trailer after.

Why not both? So I'm pre-ordering this bitch day 1, doesn't sound like that trailer is "worthless" to me if my reaction is to already look forward to playing it day 1. So....if you own a business and someone is saying "DAY 1" from a trailer of your rivals, I'm sure you'd also start looking to market that way too. This is still a business. I get how in engine footage can be used against consumers, but this publisher and developer has rarely ever done that to deceive or something, Ubisoft might be the biggest publisher to do that and even they don't do that anymore, so I don't see the harm as we still get a gameplay demo later anyway. Everyone wins.

Stuart360 Stuart360 I'M SAYING! As a film lover, I love some fucking great scenes, but not everyone is like that and even I would question this way of marketing a movie. Give me taste, give me a summary without spoilers etc. Just cause I love a film, doesn't mean the exact parts I love, I want marketed that way. Only in context can I enjoy such a thing. So I agree, this is to build excitement and holy shit that trailer was hype! Tornados, robot dogs, people gliding, snow mobiles....day 1
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