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Behold the first real picture of a real PS5 next to a normal person. Is it all you ever wanted?

Was it all you ever wanted?

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That's it. That's all.

Source: Japanesse youtuber with the PS5 for hands-on preview scheduled for tomorrow Oct 4.
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Looks better than the renders and gives me a tiny amount of PS3 flair, but in the end I am still not overwhelmed by it.

I am not going to look at it and as long as it is quiet I will prefer it over the PS4.
Wow, that's actually smaller than I feared it would be! Kind of insane to be pleasantly surprised it isn't even BIGGER than that though..
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SeX user: yo my series X is soo tall that if he stretch his hand to the sky he can touch the clouds

Ps5 user: did your series x feel something warm and soft when he stretch his hands??

Sex user: yes, the clouds.

Ps5 user: nope, those are my ps5 balls.
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