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Best "one and done" game ever made?


You can add this game to your list:

Wizards and Warriors
A roleplaying game by D.W. Bradley.
System: Windows



Released in 2000 and very similar to Wizardry 8. The last of an long franchise released in 2001 (also by D.W. Bradley). Many people won't even know the game. It was buggy, didn't receive a lot of attention but it's a really good RPG if you give it a chance. In a genre that is nearly dead now (turn based first person party dungeon crawlers... in lack of a better description) it was one of the few titles in the last 15 years (thanks again ubisoft for Might and Magic X :))

Today the game is hard to get. Not on steam, not on GOG. You can only get a used copy online (at least) and try to run it on a modern machine (good luck...it has its share of problems).
The games aren't directly related. Totally different world and mythology between all three, as well as actraiser 1 and 2 by the same team.

There are some minor references and in jokes for fans, but they aren't sequels.

Yeah, some people always refer to these games as a series because of some of the Easter Eggs, but they are not officially related. Quintet loved to insert references to their past works in their games but that's really not significant or unique to them. For example LucasArts loved to insert past work references in their point-and-click games but that doesn't mean that Monkey Island is a prequel to Indiana Jones.
Hardware Online Arena (PS2)? Unless you consider the PSP title Fired Up a sequel. If not then you can also add Fired Up (PSP)

Gangs of London (PSP), according to Wikipedia: It is separate in canon from The Getaway despite its close likeness and same publisher.

Edit: C-12: Final Resistance (PSone)


advent rising. it may not be the best. but it's one that stands out for me. similarly galleon. too ambitious for their own good, but i loved them. i honestly thought advent rising did the whole "halo" thing better then halo


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an Action-RPG: Radia Senki (romtranslation available) for the NES. Nice little game.
There's also Lagrange Point for the NES.
And some other single-release RPGs (all SNES): Dark Half, Dark Law, Arabian Nights, GD Leen, Granhistoria
and for the Ps1: Eithea (untranslated Atlus RPG)
How about
- FEDA (Super Famicom)

Feda for the SNES did not remain alone: Feda Remake for Saturn, Feda 2 the white surge for PS1.
Your list reminded me: Surging Aura (Mega Drive, JP)
And doing an imagesearch for Alisia Dragoon (how could I forget this game), there was another japan-only Mega Drive-only game: Dahna Megami Tanjo
Blast Corps is one of the most unique (and most complete) games of all time. It almost feels like its own genre. There so much variety in the game and it would lend itself perfectly to a sequel. The game holds up so well and its a shame that the brilliant concept was never expanded on. I don't know who gained custody of Blast Corps when Nintendo and Rare got divorced, but they should be ashamed for not doing anything with the the IP.


Contact (DS)
Soul Bubbles (DS)
Michigan: Report from Hell (PS2)

Soul Bubbles is such a beautiful, quiet little game.

On the subject of DS/3DS games, you've got:
- Big Bang Mini, excellent shooter with an awesome aesthetic
- Heroes of Ruin, really cool handheld Diablo-style loot game
- Picross 3D(?) It's developed by HAL, rather than Jupiter who usually handle the Picross games and it's an entirely original take on Picross. But it's still published by Nintendo so not sure if it fits the bill
- Sakura/Hana Samurai
- Harmoknight, although I hope James Turner convinces GF to do a sequel
- 100 Classic Book Collection would be a cheeky one, if you don't consider Literature a series
- Little Red Riding Hood's Zombie BBQ, a ridiculous, stylish, fun as fuck shooter
- CRIMSON FUCKING SHROUD aka one of the best games from one of the best game makers ever.

oh, all of the Guild 0- games, other than Liberation Maiden, should count
Was going to add Rhythm Thief, but they made that gross iOS version.
Rule of Rose, Robot Alchemy Drive, Galactic Wrestling, Ring of Red I could go on forever on the PS2, but they're not in a single shelf.
My vote goes to Eternal Darkness on the Gamecube.

On the list I saw The Adventures of Bayou Billy, which is a terrible game. But it has a good soundtrack.
I nominate Toonstruck:


An awesome Point & Click Adventure with Christopher Lloyd and the voice of Dan Castallaneta in the leading roles as well as Tim Curry as this game's villain. Actually, there are MANY well known voice actors, like Tress MacNeille, Jim Cummings, Frank Welker, and many more in this game.
It's super charming, has really good puzzles and it never got a remake, sequel, prequel or anything.

A sequel WAS planned as the game totally ends on an obvious cliffhanger, yet it was cancelled sadly.
There IS a sequel in production, using assets from the planned sequel, but apparently the project is on hiatus or something? I don't know. Still, I think for now it qualifies.
OT forgot to add Rogue Galaxy. I didn't get far but the memories I have of this game are good. I remember shooting platforms to jump on to fight a boss? Blew my mind for an action RPG to have that when I first played it.

Also to repeat, Jet Force Gemini. Loved that game, never beat it because I couldn't get past shooting those gems into the mine carts to get the spaceship part.


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ITT: 99% of posters either don't read the OP or don't look up the game they're about to post. So many invalid answers, lol.

And Theme Park World!

Apparently World was called Sim Theme Park in the US, so it's the same game. But there's also a second sequel, Theme Park Inc., which I had no idea existed before looking it up just now.


I'm trying not to list crap like Grabbed by the Ghoulies and Little Deviants. Kickle Cubicle was a really good puzzle game. One of my favorite NES games.



Here's some info that may interest some of you: I went through the GameFAQs rankings for a few platforms to see what the most-voted (in terms of number of votes) games were. I didn't count any borderline games, unlike in the OP.

Atari 2600: Custer's Revenge (61 votes)
NES: Adventures of Bayou Billy (239 votes)
Genesis: Crusader of Centy (129 votes)
SNES: Uniracers (214 votes)
PS1: Thousand Arms (228 votes)
N64: Jet Force Gemini (689 votes)
PS2: Radiata Stories (894 votes)
GameCube: Eternal Darkness (934 votes)
Xbox: Brute Force (134 votes)
Xbox 360: Lost Odyssey (2537 votes)
PS3: Heavenly Sword (1168 votes)
Wii: The Last Story (1155 votes)


Moon: Remix RPG Adventure (PS1)
Tube Slider (GameCube)

If you want different names for different regions of games already listed; Ninja Five-O was called Ninja Cop in Europe and Crusader of Centy was called Soleil
Apparently World was called Sim Theme Park in the US, so it's the same game. But there's also a second sequel, Theme Park Inc., which I had no idea existed before looking it up just now.

Didn't know about the name change! I do vaguely remember hearing of Theme Park Inc. though.

Also I guess this means it's a win for Lost Odyssey! Although I feel if there was a GAF vote the results would be somewhat different.
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