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Best/Worst rain in videogames (Sponsored by Resident Evil 4 Remake)


Not the best but i remember Ocarina of Time being the first 3D game that impressed me with this.


I loved the cloud/thunder effects, the change in mood and lighting and how you could summon it almost everywhere with the Ocarina, changing the mood in every area dynamically, for a few seconds. The "drops" were not a 2D layer either, you could use the camera to look up and see how they properly occupy the 3D space around you.

It might even be the first 3D game with a nice looking rain effect. I don't remember anything earlier.

Funnily enough, it still looks better than RE4 Remake's take.

Snk art sure went from zero to hero over the years
Fun fact, rock has more frames of animation in garou motw than the entire cast of fatal fury 1

Neo-Geo improvements with 2D graphics and animation frames went hand to hand with cart sizes. The first Fatal Fury in 1991 was 55 Meg (7 MB). Garou in 1999 was 688 Meg (86 MB). That's almost 10x more space to store animation frames. And that isn't even the biggest cart.


One of the green rats
Best look: MGS2
Best sound: GT7
Best Interactive: Zelda BOTW
Most memorable: Zelda LTTP
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