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Beyond Good and Evil 2 Update Shared by Ubisoft


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Ubisoft shared an update on Beyond Good and Evil 2 this week, but for those looking forward to the game’s eventual release, this probably isn’t an example of no news being good news. During an earnings call amid its latest financial report, Ubisoft said it’s somehow still “too early” to talk about the game much despite it being in development for years now. The publisher did at least confirm that the game still exists, so people can rest assured knowing Ubisoft hasn’t ditched it after all this time.

Frederick Duguet, the CFO of Ubisoft, responded to a question shared during the latest earnings call that referenced Beyond Good and Evil 2 and asked about when we might be seeing more of the game. The fiscal year of 2024 was tossed out there as part of the question, too, which itself is a long ways away for a game that’s been worked on for an even longer time.

“We've progressed well with Beyond Good and Evil 2, but it's too early to tell you at this stage,” Duguet said when asked about the game.

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The original Beyond Good and Evil was a very good game, and there was a lot of excitement when the sequel was first announced. However, the prolonged development of BG&E2, plagued by a seemingly endless stream of delays, has eroded confidence in the game.

BG&E2 has turned into a running joke for Ubisoft now. It's not surprising for a generation to pass before a well-regarded game receives its highly anticipated sequel, but we're usually talking about console generations, not human generations.

If we have to wait 2 or 3 more years for an update, then it's evident that the game is suffering from an abundance of development difficulties. Either hand the design document to a new development team (possibly an external developer) so they can start over from scratch and get the game out sometime within our natural lifetimes, or scrap it for good. The excitement has vanished, and it will take a miracle to revitalize it.
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How is it "too early" to discuss? This game was announced over a decade ago....

The gameplay looked pretty sick the last time they showcased it. What is causing the development hell I wonder?

I'm deeply intrigued by the game world size and the promise of a detailed planet to explore to a point of being able to travel through space.

But the fact that it was somewhat revealed to be a GAaS game during the last 30 minute deep dive killed my hype.

I hope the silence is them figuring shit out.

But I'm okay with it dying off it it means we get to live in a time where BG&E didn't have a sequel that had nothing to do with the original and just exist to make fans feel nostalgia and buy a live service game we will all despise for spitting on the name and being nothing what the fans wanted.


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This game will never release cause Ubisoft put 8695 of their empoyes on their next AC game while around only 2 or 3 people on the Beyond 2 game.


Didn’t Ancel announce an early retirement lately ? I guess the project can continue without him, but he’s probably the main reason it exists to begin with.


I can already imagine the reason of all these delays. Probably restucturing the whole thing to make it monetization friendly.


We'll have PS5 DoubleplusPro and Xbox Series XZ before this game finally launches, and spoiler alert: it's just watch dogs but with animal heads and spaceships. 🤷‍♂️


Hate these "please be excited, we might launch a game you should like in a decade from now" announcements.
Remember the WiLD game? Another Ancel vaporware :D It was announced 7 years ago, when the PS4 and Xbox One were in the "launch phase". Of course again, supposedly the development is "going well" lol
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I would be very interested in a poll for who on the forum played BG&E 1. There can't be that many people left.

It was never a big hit to begin with.

And it came out at a time when people were open to embracing games with a strong female protagonist.

These days every attempt at this is looked at with a very critical lens. The moment there's even one minor thing off about the game it'll become SJW or far right fodder. It makes no sense to ever release this. There are no fans left (enough to make it profitable). It's not aligned to Ubi's strategic vision. The only advocate for it (Ancel) has quit. It's only going to poison their image from a PR perspective. There's zero good to come from this. If Ubi was smart, they wouldn't just cancel it, they should print out the source code and livestream them shitting on it.
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You can already tell this game went through tons of changes and considering Ubisofts new financial planning going forward, it's clear this will be a coop live service game.


Weird how they can pop out Watch Dogs, AC, Farcry and whatever within twelve months, but this is just dead in the water.


We ain't outta here in ten minutes, we won't need no rocket to fly through space


Is this now a record for the longest time between initial announcement and "We're working on it"? Must be close
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Ubisoft’s latest news and announcements got me very worried about the future. This sudden change into GaaS, F2P stuff, Far Cry 7 going to a very different direction, AC Infinity…

I think that’s the definitive end for Ubi.


Ubisoft’s latest news and announcements got me very worried about the future. This sudden change into GaaS, F2P stuff, Far Cry 7 going to a very different direction, AC Infinity…

I think that’s the definitive end for Ubi.
I have to admit, i'm a bit surprised they are messing with Far Cry, and especially Ass Creed, as they are huge sellers for them.
I think its best to wait and see how these games turn out.
I bet my left nut the game being in development hell and they had to scratch one more time for the sake of making it a Live-services/GaaS game. Ubisoft can't fool anyone at this point. Ubisoft stated, their business strategy moving forward is to change most of their IPs to GaaS, so fuck you if all you wanted a simple sequel to Beyond good and evil, Splinter Cell, or AssCreed ∞.
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As painful as it is (as I LOVED BG&E1) no one should have been surprised this game is vapourware.

The moment they announced their plans to crowd-source game content, it showed Ubisoft was no longer interested in giving the game a proper budget. I'm sure it's been a small team working on this, concepting and prototyping for over the last 12 years.

Based on the comments in the OP, it's clearly not in full production and the project has probably gone through a big change in direction to become more GaaS focused now that Ancel is gone.
So this is the second game that Ubisoft has tried to develop that ended up becoming a development nightmare there was just an article about Skull and Bones the pirate game that just reached Alpha after eight years.

Beyond good and evil was already met with huge downvotes because of their always online BS where most people just wanted a single player adventure game.

Ubisoft obession with GAAS games is gonna bite them in the ass just ask EA their now former CFO said single player games was not what people wanted, and EA releases a single player only game with Jedi Fallen Order and it sells over 16 million copies greenlighting a sequel immediatley.
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The ambition behind this game is astounding, that demo going from planet to space remains one of the coolest game moments I’ve seen in awhile. Games of this size take time.

Also anytime this game comes up, people seem to be upset that it’s a prequel. If you played and finished the first game you know that there were some interesting revelations about Jades is past that we’re barley touched on in that game.

Theres a lot of potential with this one! I remain optimistic until given a reason to believe otherwise


At this point who really cares.
There's only 2 outcomes

-It gets cancelled
-It releases and it's just another crap Ubisoft game, following the same template as all their other games, with a terrible story as all their other (modern) games, full of grindy GaaS crap where you can go fight a bunch of different types of bullet sponges to grind for better loot!.
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