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Biggest launch disasters of the generation

Select any number

  • Anthem

    Votes: 116 48.1%
  • Assassin's Creed: Unity

    Votes: 38 15.8%
  • Batman: Arkham Knight (PC)

    Votes: 32 13.3%
  • Battlefield 4

    Votes: 13 5.4%
  • Battlefield V

    Votes: 18 7.5%
  • Cyberpunk 2077

    Votes: 123 51.0%
  • DayZ

    Votes: 7 2.9%
  • Deadly Premonition 2

    Votes: 8 3.3%
  • Fallout 76

    Votes: 88 36.5%
  • Halo: The Master Chief Collection

    Votes: 45 18.7%
  • Horizon Zero Dawn (PC)

    Votes: 12 5.0%
  • Just Cause 3

    Votes: 4 1.7%
  • Mass Effect: Andromeda

    Votes: 62 25.7%
  • NBA 2K20

    Votes: 4 1.7%
  • No Man's Sky

    Votes: 96 39.8%
  • Star Citizen

    Votes: 12 5.0%
  • Star Wars: Battlefront 2

    Votes: 31 12.9%
  • Street Fighter V

    Votes: 15 6.2%
  • Warcraft III: Reforged

    Votes: 38 15.8%
  • WWE 2K20

    Votes: 16 6.6%
  • Evolve

    Votes: 10 4.1%
  • Lawbreakers

    Votes: 13 5.4%
  • Driveclub

    Votes: 6 2.5%

  • Total voters

Bonfires Down

Gold Member
Along with all the great games of the generation, we also have the launch disasters. Some of them have since been fixed, some less so. Some were saturated with bugs and performance issues, others suffer from broken promises or greedy marketing, and some are filled with microtransactions. Whatever the case is, go ahead and vote for what you think are the worst launch disasters of the generation.

I'll be keeping an eye on the comments in case there are more games that need to be added. A few of the games, e.g Mortal Kombat, RDR2 and Witcher I thought weren't quite bad enough to make the poll but they might be added back in if people want it.


If you ask anyone that played Anthem if the combat is any good, odds are they will tell you yes. The Javelin suits looked awesome, and flying around the battlefield killing baddies was a joy. Then, as soon as they utter their last word about combat, their soft, smiling eyes will turn dark and angry. They’ll start rattling off all of the things they found wrong with the game. The servers were unstable. Multiplayer was iffy at best. The loot grind was horrible and you had to exit the open world to install any new gear you found.


Assassin’s Creed: Unity

The fact that the game would struggle in the frame rate department was hinted at by Ubisoft’s decision to cap the Xbox One and PS4 versions at 30 frames per second, and by the absurdly high PC requirements. Logically, PC users have been complaining about frame rates, but the sad truth is that Assassin’s Creed Unity just does not run particularly well on consoles either. The PS4 version of the game can’t even manage 20 frames during certain stretches of the game, according to Kotaku.

What about the graphical glitches? These range from characters falling through the ground, being stuck in mid-air, to single body parts like heads disappearing. The game appears to have serious pop-in issues, with certain buildings not appearing at all until the protagonist Arno is right in front of them. The game also appears to crash with alarming regularity, according to Steam reviews.



When the game finally released to players willing to fork over the $24.99, they were left with disappointment. Player customization was limited,though you could make random body parts larger to look like a haemonculus. Glitches and bugs were everywhere, with monsters phasing out of the environment or being impossible to kill.

With glitches, poor company communication and one of the most disappointing launches since No Man's Sky , it's no wonder that this is the community's impression. The pirate-adventure was in the Steam top 10 charts for the first few days, but has now disappeared from the chart. Steam reviews are overwhelmingly negative, with players shouting about how they fell for the hype.


Batman: Arkham Knight (PC)

Those who game on PC certainly had reasons to be disappointed when they played the PC version of Batman: Arkham Knight. Not only was the game full of glitches and suffered from issues like poor frame rates and constant crashes that rendered the PC version of the game unplayable for many. This is all the more puzzling considering that the console versions were rock-solid, and perhaps their only flaw was that using the Batmobile in the game wasn’t that much fun.


Battlefield 4
The launch issues for DICE's multiplayer shooter Battlefield 4 were many and varied, from disconnection errors, random crashes and freezes, severe rubber-banding, and troublesome netcode malfunctions that caused bullets to appear to hit one spot but actually land somewhere else. There was even one sniper rifle silencer that, ironically, muted the sound on the entire server.

As weeks passed and patches were released, still more bugs appeared, including one where projectiles would bounce off downed-but-not-dead players, sometimes striking the person who had fired the missile. These issues continued long into the game's release, and DICE finally had to resort to deploying new, more powerful servers to tame the latency problems plaguing 64-player matches, and even offered a week-long double XP event in an attempt to atone for their sins.

PC Gamer

Battlefield V

The most recent Battlefield game, 2018’s Battlefield V, didn’t have as bad a launch as Battlefield 4, but calling it a “successful” launch would be quite generous. While the game certainly looked impressive, it also suffered from a litany of graphical issues and UI bugs (some of which still persist to this day) which only exacerbated the soured feelings players already had over the thin amount of content (maps, weapons, customization options) it offered.

Major features that DICE had played up heavily in Battlefield V’s pre-release marketing like in-depth tank customization, the ‘Combined Arms’ co-op mode, and the ‘Firestorm’ battle royale mode were delayed beyond the initial launch. In most cases, such features didn’t end up arriving until several months after the game’s release.


Cyberpunk 2077

By most accounts, the PC version of Cyberpunk 2077 plays reasonably well. It’s still buggy and prone to crashes, but none of those issues are backbreaking, and the Metacritic score reflects that. The PS4 and Xbox ports? Another story. Shortly after release last week, as players around the world finally got their hands on the hottest game of the year, the internet started to billow with angst about how disastrously the game performs on those base consoles. (The software fares better on the freshly released, and still very hard to find PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.) There are reports of disorienting drops in frame rate, muddy video resolutions, and most infamously, a deluge of bizarre glitches. Watch as a car drives right through a house with no collision detection, or as a character’s face resembles a shattered mosaic of unloaded textures. Gamers are falling through floors; they’re watching vehicles spawn out of thin air; NPCs are stuck to their dashboards. The community has learned to put up with an acceptable degree of jank in massive, open-world games, but Cyberpunk 2077 crossed the Rubicon.



DayZ is a complete and utter disaster on PS4. Not only is it profoundly outdated in 2019, it’s also technically inept. A horrendous frame rate brings the experience to a standstill on a worryingly consistent basis, while numerous bugs and glitches are a bewilderment. After taking five years to release, we can’t help but feel like this was an outright waste of everyone’s time.


Deadly Premonition 2

– Loading times can be long
– Going into doors can cause stuttering
– Firing your gun can freeze the game for a split second
– Open world segments tend to run around 15 frames per second, sometimes lower
– Runs at 810p docked vs. 720p of the original game
– When you reload the game, you seem to get improved performance
– Not much better in portable mode

You can watch Digital Foundry’s full analysis below.


Fallout 76
The Guardian called the game "a pointless walk in the post-apocalypse" featuring "half-baked conflict and witless quests to unearth the dead". According to Forbes, Fallout 76 was a "huge, rare, total miss" by Bethesda. Eurogamer described the game as a "bizarre, boring, broken mess", adding that, shortly after its launch, it should be considered as a "failed experiment". Business Insider described Fallout 76 as "a jumble of disparate video game elements set loose in an online world, held together by a string of pointless fetch quests and experience points". Newsweek said that moments of the enjoyment during their review were "outweighed by the near-constant performance issues and poorly executed game systems", adding that they were disappointed in the game despite being fans of the series.


Halo: The Master Chief Collection

Microsoft's launch of Halo: The Master Chief Collection was a disaster. The games were buggy. You couldn't contact friends. Joining a party was a colossal pain in the ass. Matchmaking within a party was a nightmare. Even the most ardent fans of the game, the ones only too happy to shell out 60 bucks to buy a collection of games they already own, were left wondering: "WTF?"

Matchmaking rarely, if ever, worked. If you did manage to get a match going, bugs and issues abounded, especially with post-game stat-tracking. (One was the notorious "1th place" victory awarded to everyone at the end of certain matches.)

The Halo and Halo 2 parts of the collection seemed to be ported from the games' PC releases, not the original Xbox versions, and they brought with them bugs that had only popped up on those PC ports. Even worse, the game's pre-release marketing promised tons of dedicated servers, for stable games and to prevent matchmaking abuse or cheating. But those servers seemed nearly nonexistent. With matches running on peer-to-peer networks, they were again vulnerable to the cheaters.


Horizon Zero Dawn (PC)

The major issues appear to be framerate and crash-related. Even very powerful machines can’t get the game to run at 60fps without drastically reducing graphics settings. Many gamers list constant crashing as a problem. Crashes seem to occur pretty much everywhere, from boss fights to simply going through menus. It’s a mess.


Just Cause 3

An early analysis of the the Xbox One version from NX Gamer claims that playing the game for more than hour leads to loading times of over 15 minutes, with the frame rate dropping to as low as 17FPS. NX Gamer also experienced multiple crashes—which is a particularly big problem for a console game—and other problems which could only be resolved by a full system reboot.

As we noted in our review of JC3, the PC version of the game suffers from multiple problems, even on relatively good hardware (a GTX 770). This included regular freezing, audio desyncing from video, random disconnects from Square Enix's servers, and the entire ocean disappearing. The later appears to be a common problem for PC users, with multiple Reddit threads commenting on disappearing water, as well as glitchy mountain ranges.


Mass Effect: Andromeda

Back in March 2017, some Mass Effect fans were shocked when a Bioware general manager said that Mass Effect Andromeda would be “softcore space porn”. This did not turn out to be the case in the end, although many players found the romances were not so great in the final game due to the plethora of glitches and bugs Mass Effect Andromeda shipped with. Worse of all were the wonky facial animations, which made conversations in the game look comical at times.

This also had some of the worst writing in a Bioware game to date, making the proceedings feel like a cheap space soap opera at time. But it’s clear that the crashes and performance issues at launch left many disgruntled, as this was a game that simply was not ready for release. Bioware made amends in the coming months with a series of patches which even added new romance options for protagonist Ryder, even though it’s clear that Andromeda’s poor launch may have sadly damaged Mass Effect’s reputation for some time to come.


Mortal Kombat 11

However, it's not all roses and intestines, due to MK 11's adherence a miserly and convoluted grind/unlock system. This mechanic, summarised, involves multiple forms of in-game currency, a randomised Krypt, unbelievably unfair Towers of Time battles, a rotational in-game store, countless filler items and, of course, microtransactions.

As it stands, it can take hours to grind "Konsumables" (think of them as effects, such as armour or damage boosts), which you currently need to beat the more ungodly Towers of Time. Beating those towers earns you Koins, Hearts and Souls, which you have to save up in order to open Krypt chests, which are both expensive and randomised. So, that's hours of grinding - not playing - grinding, in order to possibly get some items that might be for your favourite characters. These includes staple basics such as win poses, mid-match taunts and character intros.


NBA 2K20
Everything feels like a money grab in 2K. Regulars have learned to live with it in a way early Internet users hesitantly accepted the outbreak of advertising but that doesn’t mean it can pass without comment. From the Wheel of Fortune prize wheels to the myTeam slot machines, the presence of gambling is so insidious across pretty much every mode you begin to wonder if it’s an in-joke you’re not party to. And yet even when you think it’s reached its most ostentatious, the story literally tries to sell you a product (a personalised water bottle) for *real* cash in the *real* world, via a video game. This is dangerous territory and particularly dangerous for a game with an age rating of 3.


No Man’s Sky
It would be an understatement to say that No Man’s Sky was one of 2016’s most highly-anticipated games, but ended up having one of the worst launches ever for a high-profile video game. And those eagerly awaiting No Man’s Sky might have been worried just a few days before launch, as developer Hello Games announced a big day one patch which made many changes to the game. The final game was as buggy and crash-prone as you can imagine though, while the lack of promised features left many angry at developer Hello Games for failing to deliver.

This is because while No Man’s Sky promised an entire universe to travel through and literally millions of planets to explore, these all ended up being very similar and the experience began feeling samey after a few hours of play. Plus, cataloguing alien species and collecting minerals wasn’t so interesting as No Man’s Sky did not have the full-fledged trading and economy many were expecting. And the spaceship and first-person combat were not as exciting or large scale as promised either. This was an infamously bad video game launch then, and one that day one buyers of No Man Sky will have a hard time forgetting despite the substantial patches the game has received to date.


Red Dead Redemption 2 (PC)

At present, those experiencing problems largely fall into two camps. Those who are having the Rockstar Games Launcher itself crash when attempting to launch the game and those who have the game crash at the load-up screen. For those who are actually able to access the game, however, they also are reporting a number of issues including permanent loading screens and graphical/audio glitches.


Star Citizen

“Chaotic” is how the work environment at Cloud Imperium Games was described, and that chaos seems to come, in large part, from co-founder Chris Roberts. The designer, according to the report, apparently micro-manages and gets hyper-focused on minor details of the game, resulting in a, thus far, seven-year project that seems to have no end in sight. Roberts raised $288 million from crowdfunding, making it the biggest crowdfunded project of all time (not including cryptocurrency funding), but there is still no clear release for “Star Citizen” a planned online multiplayer space game that was originally meant to release in 2014. “Squadron 42,” a companion, single-player game to “Star Citizen” is also still in development.


Star Wars: Battlefront 2

On November 12, 2017, a Reddit user complained that although they spent US$80 to purchase the Deluxe Edition of the game, Darth Vader remained inaccessible for play, and the use of this character required a large amount of in-game credits. Players estimated that it would take 40 hours of gameplay to accumulate enough credits to unlock a single hero. In response to the community's backlash, EA's Community Team defended the controversial changes by saying their intent to make users earn credits to unlock heroes was to give users "a sense of pride and accomplishment" after unlocking a hero. This led to many Reddit users becoming frustrated at the response, which generated 667,821 down-votes, making it the most down-voted comment in the site's history. In 2019, the comment was inducted into the Guinness World Records. In response to the community's outrage, EA lowered the cost of credits to unlock heroes by 75%. However, the credits rewarded for completing the campaign were also reduced.

the head of Dutch Gambling commission announced a start of their own investigation of Battlefront II and the issue in general, and asked parents "to keep an eye at the games their children play". Chris Lee, a member of the Hawaii House of Representatives, called Star Wars: Battlefront II "an online casino designed to trap little kids" and announced his intention to ban such practices in the state of Hawaii. Another representative compared playing Battlefront II to smoking cigarettes, saying: "We didn't allow Joe Camel to encourage your kids to smoke cigarettes, and we shouldn't allow Star Wars to encourage your kids to gamble."


Street Fighter V
The game was praised for its graphics and gameplay, but was criticized for its lack of single-player content, characters, and unstable online performance at launch. Players of the game complained of similar issues (as well as others such as a lack of controller support) with 54% of the reviews on Steam being negative. Capcom's Yoshinori Ono issued an apology to fans for the host of server issues. On May 12, Capcom CEO Kenzo Tsujimoto admitted that Street Fighter V had a "lack of content" and that it "needed more polish". In November 2016, Ono said "we all know that we didn’t put out a complete product, in a way that is a learning experience"


The Witcher 3

The first thing you need to know, if you’re a current Witcher 3 owner or if you’re thinking about buying the game, is that Witcher 3 problems still exist. CD Project Red’s forums are filled with complaints about bugs and they include missing Merchant icons on the map, music that doesn’t stop playing, problems with Roach the horse, quest bugs of all shapes and sizes, animation bugs, problems with Meditation and replenishing bombs, and more. Some people claim that these bugs are making the game unplayable.


Warcraft III: Reforged
Player response was overwhelmingly negative. On release, the game was review-bombed by users on Metacritic, reaching a low score of 0.5/10 a few days after release based on over 14,000 reviews, making it the lowest-ranked game on the site by user score before being surpassed by Madden NFL 21. Many criticized the remaster for its absence of features promised by Blizzard at launch, technical issues, changes to the original game's user interface among other gameplay features, and graphical changes which some felt had either not been improved enough or looked worse. Blizzard was also criticized for their decision that, due to it sharing Reforged's client, all existing copies of Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos were required to update to a newer version, which meant that many of the gameplay changes to Reforged were now mandatory in the original. Additionally, there were complaints towards Blizzard's announcement that they would claim ownership over all user-created content in Reforged.


WWE 2K20

Few expect sports games to launch with such incredible bugs, but WWE 2K20 defied all expectations by being one of the most unplayable games of 2019. The problems were so bad, some reported the game to be almost unplayable, making it somewhat of a punchline among the gaming community. Developer Visual Concepts has experience in the genre already, so it likely was not entirely their fault why the game turned out the way it did.

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Did not vote.

Seems like yet another thread to attack cyberpunk which is not really even last gen based on release date.
A lot of these games were way worse than Cyberpunk. I've played 80 hour of that game and I've had zero crashes. I couldn't even make it past the first cut scene of HZD PC without it almost bricking my computer.
I've probably played about 90% of that list on launch. And I'd say about 10% of that list actually qualifies as a "launch disaster". There's a difference between disappointment and disaster.
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Did not vote.

Seems like yet another thread to attack cyberpunk which is not really even last gen based on release date.
How? OP included a lot of really good candidates that could give Cyberpunk a run for its money. That's not to say that OP wasn't probably inspired to start this thread based on Cyberpunk's launch - especially considering how recently it released and all the hype surrounding it.
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Just Cause 3 definitely deserves to be on the list, such a shitty purchase this was. Very poor console performance turned into abysmal performance, because the devs focused on the DLC's instead of optimizing the damn thing. Not to mention the game had other big flaws like the horrible progression system, chaos meter being pointless and missions which in many cases were about defending instead of blowing shit up. Never again a day 1 purchase of a game from Avalanche.


DriveClub is missing.

Hyped launch exclusive racing game from experienced devs, with social aspects being a priority. Absolute clusterfuck.
I love that game btw. It would be a classic if it worked out of the gate with all the content. Obviously wasn't the case, unfortunately.

But all in all I think it's SW Battlefront.


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For me, it's Warcraft III: Reforged.
  • Looks worse than the original.
  • The original art direction thrown to shit.
  • Our javascript interns are bored? Let's make the main menu a web app.
  • Fucks up existing community maps.
  • Wanna make a new community map? It'll be owned by Blizzard.
  • Renders the original impossible to be played again. It's Reforged or nothing unless you hack your way through.
As far as I know the remaster of Starcraft was much better. How could they do this to such a classic?
Just Cause 3 definitely deserves to be on the list, such a shitty purchase this was. Very poor console performance turned into abysmal performance, because the devs focused on the DLC's instead of optimizing the damn thing. Not to mention the game had other big flaws like the horrible progression system, chaos meter being pointless and missions which in many cases were about defending instead of blowing shit up. Never again a day 1 purchase of a game from Avalanche.
Ran great on PC, and with a trainer, you could get infinite jetpack power. Was incredibly fun, the Iron Man game we never got.

Cyberpunk 2077 will go down in history as the biggest clusterfuck of a release on console.
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I was totally prepared to vote on Avengers and it wasn't here, hahaha. I feel like a lot in the list have reasons to be there. But only so many of them were hot messes.


Just Cause 3 definitely deserves to be on the list, such a shitty purchase this was. Very poor console performance turned into abysmal performance, because the devs focused on the DLC's instead of optimizing the damn thing. Not to mention the game had other big flaws like the horrible progression system, chaos meter being pointless and missions which in many cases were about defending instead of blowing shit up. Never again a day 1 purchase of a game from Avalanche.

I loved JC2 so much I preordered JC3, bailed within hours of starting it I was so disappointed. Haven't preordered anything since except Mariokart.


We ain't outta here in ten minutes, we won't need no rocket to fly through space
Fallout 76. It went beyond the game. It's absolutely staggering.

Any excuse to post this video - if you're unfamiliar, grab a beer and enjoy the show.

Warcraft 3 Reforged. It was such an obvious slam-dunk that shouldn't have been messed up, yet they botched it so hard.
One of the few games the wife and I were excited about together to play. She's a WoW nerd, and wanted to play it for the nostalgia and lore, I just loved Warcraft 2 and wanted to jump into Warcraft 3 as I had skipped it on release. Shame that.
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1. Anthem was so bad that after the demo I backed out of it. Talk about a game that needed completely different lead designers and another year in the oven.

2. Battlefield 4 was an OK game, perfectly serviceable, but whatever interface they launched with was ass and making it Origin only was a drag. The servers also weren't that great during the first few weeks.

3. I voted Star Citizen as a joke. I mean let's be real, that thing is never "launching"

Mr Hyde

I'd probably go with Just Cause 3, of the ones I played on the list. A complete clusterfuck on PS4, ran like shit every time you blew something up, and to my knowledge, Avalanche never fixed it. Seems to be playable now through BC on PS5. Going to try it out to see how the performance is, it's a good game underneath all issues. But it seriously made a dent in the franchise and Avalanche as a company. Unacceptable to release games in such poor states. And to think this came after the brilliant JC 2. What a disgrace.


So, OP misses the biggest AAA disaster of the last ten years, and yet includes Cyberpunk 2077 on the same list as Anthem? Fucking LOL - "great" thread.

Let me tell you about a little game called Destiny 2, OP, which isn't on your list.

For as bad as Anthem was, Anthem failed mostly because its studio had never made anything like it before, and had no clue what they were actually making until the last 18 months of the project. It was a rush job, and it never came together. It would be hard to deliver something decent on that kind of timeline. They've dropped it and moved on to their other projects, and wisely so.
For all of Fallout 76's failing, it was largely a cash-grab - an attempt to cash in on a "games as a service" using an engine that struggles with one person alone offline, let alone hundreds online together. It's bad, but I don't get the impression the developer was given everything they needed to bring it together. The publisher threw a B team at it, and didn't really seem to care about it.

Destiny 2 was a failure the likes of which we haven't really seen, because there's no underlying preventative issue, like a bad engine, poor management, or plain and simple greed. Destiny 2 was exactly what the developer wanted to make. The game was complete, finished, and polished. It had few, if any, technical issues. It was fully funded, and the developer was able to completely deliver on their vision. The issue with Destiny 2 is that it's vision was so utterly, utterly, bad, that the millions strong community outright revolted and abandoned the game. YouTubers who had built their careers and million-subscriber counts exclusively on Destiny dropped the game entirely and walked away. Player numbers dropped to cataclysmic lows.
The gameplay was a step back on every single front. The core narrative was trite and cliched. The loot game was non-existent. The lack of anything resembling meaningful content stung from the moment the player started. Its PvP was an utter disaster of try-hard eSports dumb-fuckery. And, my Good Lord in Heaven, the writing was fucking bad. So bad, they killed off the central "comedic" character in the games expansion pack to change the tone away from their wanna-be-MCU trash tier.

After two disgraceful DLCs, and some of the worst micro-transaction-riddled "events" ever seen in an online game, Destiny 2 was basically dead. But, unlike Bioware or Bethesda, Bungie didn't have any other projects to work on. They had to keep making Destiny for seven more years. So, Bungie flew out all the YouTubers that had abandoned the game, and over two days, Bungie asked the community to explain to them in detail how to actually make the game. Destiny 2 was so badly received, and under-performed so badly from its expectations, that the publisher nixed the publishing contract and walked away, leaving Bungie to self-publish moving forward.

Every game on that list has problems that prevented the game from realising it's vision. Destiny 2 was utter trash precisely because it realised its vision. And for me, that makes it the biggest disaster of the generation without equal.

Great Hair

Those all pale in comparison to Driv3rgate (2004), maybe Fallout 76 is close second.
- paid high scores from official ps, xbox magazine
- delaying the game few times
- deleting every negative forum post, threads
- deleting anything on the internet that reference on this topic from
- wikipedia entry, web google archive, threads, post etc.
- hiring a foreign "media team" to engage in "guerilla tactics" by hunting users trash talking the game
- PS2 version unfixable, $60 garbage
- garbage game anyway
- full of bugs



WWE 2020.

Fans put up with years of minor updates, feature removals, etc. WWE 2020 was so utterly broken that people fled back to WWE 2019.
Master Chief wins this award. What a fucked launch and years of fuckery to finally be where it is today. What could have been if back then everything in place today was delivered at launch.


Anthem wins this. DOA, and will never recover. Demonstrating BioWare lost their edge.
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my main beef with Horizon Zero Dawn is the vile texture quality if you only have a 4GB Radeon GPU. It's why I'm saving up for a 3060 Ti or 3070 or maybe wait for the 6700 XT


WarCraft III: Refunded, easily. Blizzard not only took one of the best games of all time and remade it in one of the worst remakes of all time, not understanding what made the original great, but they also straight up lied to people and advertised (not sure if they still are) cinematics and story stuff that just isn't present in the game. And on top of that, they also took the original game off of Battle.net and their web servers, so you can't download it from them even if you got a key and everything. You can only get the Reforged version of the game. And also, the game menu is just a glorified web page running on some chromium-based app in the background. It couldn't have been done in a more lazy way...

The only way to straight up get the original WarCraft 3 is by either still owning the original discs and installing it like that or by fuckin' torrenting it.


Why is star citizen there? The game will never come out. Lol! As for mu vote I'm going with fallout 76. I might also say cyberpunk 2077 but bugs and all I did enjoy the pc version.


4-Time GIF/Meme God
Probably Anthem because of the high stakes EA gave. Game was launched premature with content, kinda broke, and not that fun

Cyberpunk cames in second, but mostly because of fan galore. Some people (like me) though that this could go bad from the start, since Witcher 3 also was launched bad, so ok

Third is a tie with Evolve and Lawbreakers. Marketing was too weird for both, and a multiplayer shooting game is a oversaturated thing since mid 2000's. You have to go low like Valorian or high like Overwatch. Middle doesn't exist


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No Man’s Sky by far. That snake oil sailsman claiming it had online multiplayer even on the day of release. I’ve never seen a lie like that in the gaming industry. Sony gave that game centre stage man, and treated it like an AAA launch. I remember thinking ‘this ain’t right, they’ve not even said what the purpose of the game is’. Awful man.
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