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Analysis Biomutant: PS5 vs Xbox Series X/S vs PC - Graphics Comparison

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Craig of War

Apr 19, 2020
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This creator is not credible enough to start tech comparisons. Stick to DF, VG, NX.

- The game runs in backward compatibility mode on consoles.
- PC uses an RTX 3080 with all settings at maximum. Run the game smoothly at 4K/60FPS.
- PS5 offers a resolution of 1080p. Xbox Series X runs at 2160p, while Series S offers two options: 1440p/30fps or 1080p/60fps. However, the Series S version appears to use temporal reconstruction to achieve those resolutions.
- In all versions we can lock the framerate at 30FPS. Series S undergoes a resolution improvement and other aspects in this mode.
- Quality of textures are worse in Series S generally. Much better on PC in the widest spaces.
- Better exterior shadows on PC, somewhat worse on Series X followed by PS5. Indoors they are the same in all 4 versions.
- Series S outdoor shadows are slightly better in 30FPS mode, but lower compared to other versions.
- Faster loading times on Xbox Series. The usual in backward compatible games.
- Anisotropic filtering has a clear advantage in the PC version. Series S improves this setting in 30FPS mode.
- The drawing distance is considerably better on PC (especially in shadows).
- There are some framerate problems (more noticeable in S Series).
- Without a doubt, this game needs some optimization in the console versions.
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