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Bioshock Infinite Demake for SNES and God of War Demake for PS1


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I get the BioShock one. Good pixel art can be appreciated and it’s cool to see a 3D game converted to good 2D pixel art.

I don’t think anyone appreciates PSX era texture warping. That’s an aesthetic we‘re glad to be away from.


God of War rpg! I'm in for all of that

Kratos GIF by PlayStation


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The BioShock one reminds me too much of Aladdin meets Flashback. It would capture it more if it was in first person. Even if they had to make the walls paper thin and the city of Columbia looked grainy in its texture. I just don’t get the retro feeling they’re going for and I loved BioShock Infinite. The God of War one looks like it could have been on a GBA or NDS.
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