BioWare releases new Mass Effect 4 teaser, says pre-production going ‘very well’


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“We’ve intercepted some strange footage from one of the monitoring stations in known space,” Mass Effect project director Mike Gamble said in a blog post. “It could be nothing, but…”

The studio established N7 Day in 2012 and it has since become an annual celebration of the Mass Effect series and its community.

I have absolutely no faith in current BioWare, but I doubt I’m alone. At least there’s always the ME Trilogy to go back too.


Bro are they still in pre-production?

What the fuck have they been doing all this time?
Dragon Age 4 is before this

So we're getting a direct sequel to 3 from this? That Mass Relay is destroyed, which happens in 2 of the 3 endings in 3


So we're getting a direct sequel to 3 from this? That Mass Relay is destroyed, which happens in 2 of the 3 endings in 3
I'm kinda hoping BioWare just kind of shrugs it off. Like, "yeah, that's what you were told. But actually..."

Because the ending, no matter what color you pick in ME3, just sucks. Which is a shame, because on the whole the trilogy was great.


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What the fuck is this download in HD shit... no, upload in HD motherfuckers, or better yet upload 4K ya pie.

If this comment reads strangely its because you have to read it aloud in a Scottish accent.


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lol Bioware is so useless. They last shipped a game in Feb 2019. No footage of any gameplay since. Its been nearly 4 years. Crazy.


Talk about slooooow progress...this is close to the levels of how long it took Metal Gear 5 to release after part 4....and it also reminds me I need to go back to Part 3 of Mass Effect for only the 2nd time ever....even though ironically I am a HUGE fan of the series...(outside of the debacle that was Andromeda)
I dont care how long it takes just please do it right. In my mind I'm ready to give Bioware one more chance and I dont want it screwed up. I think the whole gaming collective deserves a great Shepard-era game for which we can rejoice. Hopefully that will be the beginning of a whole new trilogy once again.


I really don't want to see them continue the mainline trilogy. Or if they do set it so far in the future that none of the choices from the original trilogy matter. I know people like to rag on Andromeda and I get why (for the most part), but it offered a clean break from the trilogy and Bioware could have fixed a lot of the problems in a sequel if they wanted.

As much as I love Mass Effect (it is my favorite series ever), I don't have a lot of faith in Bioware to give me a quality sequel. I'll still be there day 1 though.

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Just give me confirmation of the indoctrination theory and I would be very happy

I thought I was the only one who felt this way. So many people dismiss the IT as stupid simply because it was a fan theory. Bioware has sadly done all they can to distance themselves from it too. However when the game came out, the IT was the one thing that gave me a shining hope that the ending was secretly brilliant, and it's the one thing that makes the ending make perfect sense. At face value, so much about the ending makes no damn sense, and it ruins the journey you took to get there.

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Still in preproduction ?

Lmao please someone closes this studio
Yeah, it's embarrassing what game development has become in recent years. You look at games like Mass Effect 2 and 3, and you up the resolution and textures and they still look impressive today. Maybe some dated animation, but I legit loved playing through the Legendary Editions again. Then you also remember they made both of them in less than 3 years per game. Now in 3 years, you are lucky to see a game get a new trailer in that time frame.


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Still image with some pan/zoom and then someone blowing in to a microphone without a pop filter
10/10 AAAIDS will buy again preordering extreme deluxe ultimate edition


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There is some sort of clue in that video within the sound file, but I don't have the time or energy to work out.

The game sounds like it's still many years from completion. I hate it when developers announce a game that won't see the light of day for 5+ years. Looking at you as well Bethesda for announcing ESVI in 2018!


Yeah, nothing says "everything is not fine" like having to tell everyone "everything is fine". After Anthem and Andromeda, Bioware need to prove themselves before I get excited again.
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