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Black Friday - What are you getting?

What are you looking forward to getting for Black Friday and Cyber Monday? I’m looking to get some audio equipment whether it’s speakers, subwoofer, headphones or a decent amp.

Btw, where is the Black Friday OT with all the ads?
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In search for a:

750\850w psu for the pc
An intel series 12 cpu if i find a super deal
A 10-11" high end tablet if i find something around 400 euros
Probably something else

Already bought an lg c1 with black friday discount
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Cheap as chips Chromebook Flip from LIDL in UK. If I can elbow enough old ladies in the face to get one. Got Cyberpunk 2077 for £19.99 from PSN store this morning.


Guardians. It’s $30 at target.
Super Mario party if I can get it on sale.
Bf, cod vanguard and Cold War if they are under $40


Got myself a pair of Cloud II Wireless headphones, and a 1080p Dell 24" secondary monitor for $150

Kev Kev

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okay list time ill post that gif i swear lol just trying to make someone chuckle out there <3
nothing. if i want something i buy it when i need it. if i have to wait for a sale to get something then i probably don't really need it.

i hate the whole black friday shit. it really shows off the worst of humans. we're mindless consumers desperate for a deal even if it's shit we don't even need. people are like "oh i saved x% on a 42" tv. i don't even need it but wow what a deal!!".

most stuff that goes on sale during black friday is trash. companies are just desperate for your money and retailers are wanting to clear up space for next years new shiny toys to sell you.


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Already purchased 4K Blu-ray’s of V for Vendetta/Willy Wonka ($10 each) and Requiem for a Dream ($8). Might order a few more things depending on sales that day.


Probably a HOTAS and some flight sims

And if i find some good prices maybe a new CPU + mobo and memories.


I need a good headset. Tried two this week and they all fucking hurt. I need to wear it 7 hours a day for work


Probably nothing. Last year I had a few things I wanted to get, so I decided to wait until black friday for the sale, only to find out they were all sold out; so I just ended up waiting longer to get the things I wanted.


Got myself a 65” LG C1, already at the discount price plus an additional 20% back on BNPL interest free. Couldn’t pass that up.


I have £1500 to spend on a new gaming laptop.
Any one know what i should be looking for, or what good laptops are about.

I have been looking at the lenovo legion 15


thinks Halo Infinite is a new graphical benchmark
I think an Xbox series x. I like PS5 but halo is a big thing, gears 6. Can I find my shooter fix on PS5? That’s my question.


Definitely going after RAM. Maybe a different case. If there is a crazy deal on any CPU then gonna do that. Well and SSD deals. However RAM number 1 and SSD number 2.

Not too sure about getting anything else


Hoping to nab some Game Pass Ultimate at discount as I go along.
Still have 2 years left - but thinking about just topping it off every so often if I see a big sale going on.

German Hops

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Is black Friday still relevant as it used to be? I was under the impression that you could score great deals year round, due to fierce e-commerce competition.


Black Friday ads this year have been very mediocre, I haven’t really seen anything interesting. This year seems pretty lame compared to prior years.
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