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Call of Duty developer Beenox has opened a new studio in Montreal


NeoGAFs Kent Brockman

The Quebec City-based company hopes its second office will help grow its current workforce of 400 game developers—including more than 150 hired since 2021—by over 20 percent, to support its work on Call of Duty and “additional ambitious projects”.

Beenox has contributed to various Call of Duty games, including creating new content for each season of Warzone, and is currently co-developing a new mobile game in the franchise.

“We are counting on the city’s great diversity of talent to build a team that will allow us to broaden our creative perspective and bring even more diversity to our development,” said Beenox studio head Nour Polloni.

“This investment in Montréal is the next key step in our studio’s growth as we continue to support the creative ambitions across the Call of Duty franchise. We want our location to attract local and international talent and contribute to the vibrant video game industry in Montréal.”


Can't believe beenox is 400 and on their way to 500 people! If they weren't shackled to call of Duty, they could be pumping multiple games. It's astonishing how many people work for actiblizz when you see their scarce output. I hope Microsoft fixes this.


Not the first Activision studio I'd be hoping to see expanding (probably their best games were the Spider-Man Shattered Dimension/Edge of Time games, was there another highpoint?), but if there's any chance of the studio having a different course now that Microsoft is involved and there's hope for game development outside of the CoD mines, I welcome a possible new future for Beenox.

If this is just so Activision can start another CoD warehouse, though, thanks but no thanks. CoD's fine, but it has conscripted every other studio at the company and let the Activision home fires completely burn out.
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