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Can’t access my microsoft store windows 10 games.

Steam requires a similar config to enable offline mode:

Now you know the Windows Store does as well.

Dear god the reaching to defend all things Microsoft.

The windows store was and still is a bag of shit. There’s no defence force needed Phil.
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So was spending some time on a boat to do some work. And i decided to take the laptop with me do some forza or something else during my break.

none of my fucking games i paid money for on that shit microsoft store work in offline mode.

forza horizon 3
Forzo horizon 4
Gears 4
Gears 5
Gears tactics
Minecraft dungeons.
Ori and the will of the wisps.

all useless and give an error when i try to boot.

did some googling.

how the fuck is this user friendly ?
holy shit.

it’s hilarious that i should just have pirated that list so i don’t have to jump through all these dumb ass loops. Just to access my fucking games. 😂😂

Meanwhile a pirate just yoinks all those games from the internet. And plays them offline just fine with zero issues.

fuck paying costumers i guess 🤣


steam is just fine tho 👌 allmost all my games work fine offline. thanks gaben 👍
Use Steam. Problem solved.
If you're having trouble launching Microsoft Store, here are some things to try:
  1. Check for connection problems and make sure that you're signed in with a Microsoft account.
  2. Make sure Windows has the latest update: Select Start , then select Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update > Check for Updates.


Fafracer forever
how the fuck is this user friendly ?
holy shit.
Fun part is this doesn't even help if you are say - using insider builds right now. They managed to kneecap a bunch of their own software and the last update broke XBox app completely - so now I'm 'logged out' and nothing works anymore, and can't use the offline workaround if system just refuses to login.
I'd go back to normal OS but the only reason I use a preview is for Auto-HDR testing, which is mostly only supported on GamePass games so far, so twist of irony there...


So i went back to my windows 10 fuckfest

activated offline mode So I had to boot every game once. I experience the following trying to do this.

forza horizon 3 crashes after 1 minute of gameplay max. Every fucking time it needs to optimize pc. (takes a long ass time) . After rebooting again time wasted about 40 min looking up errors online about crashes. Might be some sound driver. (didn't work for me) So I rage uninstalled it

Forza horizon 4 refused to download update, So i kept trying, suddenly it worked. Very slow to boot . Had to optimize my pc too again. Anyway after 3 tries it did boot and seem to work ok.. Time wasted 30 min

Gears 4 didn't bother to try as I have gears 5

Gears 5 Had to update the game. Was being wonky downloading the update but it worked. Game size was something like 90GB in total.. When I booted the game I got a popup what part I wanted to smart install. Thought I just installed a huge update. It showed I owned and installed everything.. Then WOOP all my data seems to have disappeared . And it stated my campaign was 20% downloaded so was MP at 18% etc etc. I alt f4 out of my game.. And suddenly windows store was downloading a 53GB patch.. Fuck that noise so I deleted the fucking game.

Time wasted about 50 min. Inc initial update

Gears tactics Tried to boot the game. Kept crashing at the windows studio logo.. Not even 2 seconds in. It kept showing error GT102 twice every time I restarted it. Googled the issue most insane solutions popped up.
So I rebooted my fucking laptop again. Seems to work now. Time wasted. About 10 min or so

Minecraft dungeons. Booted the game was the only game that suddenly asked my microsoft account again inc password (not saved weirdly enough) why the fuck do i have to login my account if some games ask me this again. game worked ok after this. (time wasted 5 min)

Ori and the will of the wisps. Wow it just worked on first try no issues.

total time wasted : 135 min
total time played : 5 min

Fuck windows 10
Fuck windows store
Fuck xbox account systems
Fuck microsoft DRM
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