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Can I Play With My Gamepass Account Between PC and XBOX

Reizo Ryuu

Since my daughter will always use the laptop, maybe I should set up the laptop as the "main" PC ? She never plays on my gaming pc, she prefers the laptop.
if you never have prolonged internet outages on your pc, then setting the laptop as offline device is probably the smart play.


It seems to work well so far, she's playing Two Points Hospital on my laptop and I'm browsing what I will install on my main PC. From what I gather, Control and Code Vein will leave this week so I guess I should at least try them once. After that, it will be Warhammer III, just that pays half of my Gamepass subscription.

Thanks again all of you guys, really appreciated, my Gamepass is on until 2025 ! Now I just need to find that XSX !
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