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CD Projekt Red Developer Reveals One Regret With Ciri in The Witcher 3


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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt wasn't just a massive, breakout commercial success for Polish developer CD Projekt Red, the open-world role-playing game was critically-acclaimed as well. In fact, it's widely considered one of the best games of all-time. That said, that doesn't mean CD Projekt Red doesn't have regrets or things it would have done differently. One of these regrets involves Ciri, the secondary protagonist of the game. According to Jakub Szamalek, principal writer on the game, the team regrets not going more into Ciri's rose tattoo. For those that don't know: in the books, the tattoo is a reference to Mistle, Ciri's lover of sorts. Unfortunately, with already an incredibly complex story and a boatload of side content with large, branching narratives, CD Projekt Red just didn't have the opportunity to properly explore this, and thus it didn't even attempt to.

“There wasn’t really space for unpacking this complex episode in the Wild Hunt, and it’s a shame,” said Szamalek while speaking to PC Gamer. “In this moment of life, Ciri gave in to her darker side, followed her worst instincts. Showing this transition, and the remorse which followed, would have made a great story.”

Rather than dive into this, the team at CD Projekt Red decided to give the tat a slight nod. At one point in the game, the tattoo is brought up, but Ciri simply notes it's in memory of someone who died. However, Szamalek did note that "maybe" it will be something that will be revisited in the future.

The Shepard

I'm very surprised there wasn't at least a dlc where you play as just ciri but I guess the multiple endings route kinda messed this up for it to come after.
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