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China Captain slammed as rip-off of Marvel films


A Chinese web movie featuring an assortment of characters from Chinese folklore and novels has been slammed for ripping off Marvel's superhero movies.

China Captain, the title of the movie which bears similarities to Marvel's Captain America, was released on Tencent Video streaming website on May 18.

The story tells of a group of Chinese heroes who declare war on a bunch of foreign superheroes who have encroached on their turf in China.

I think it is a cute spoof, not rip-off :pie_roffles:


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So. Many. Stock. Assets. Wow. It’s like they just took all the after effects off envato/video hive and threw them at this “film”. This thing is so low budget I can’t see how it would find its way into anyone’s radar to complain about.


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You linked a 1 hour video?



Pressed a random spot on the timeline (11:20) and the first thing I see is the nanosuit from Crysis, so this is probably Limbo of the Lost: The Movie.


My fantasy is that my girlfriend was actually a young high school girl.
Action sequence at 45:50 is like street fighter... But bad.


The one thing backfiring on china is that younger generations are starting to tell when something is ripped off, as they’re more familiar with international products


There are millions of whiny 5-year olds on Earth, and I AM THEIR KING.
I watched a few scenes and other than the basic super soldier fighting armies of evil premise, it looks like a mashup of pop culture rather than a copy of Captain America.
Whatever shits on Marvel is good with me.
from what I heard, even the Chinese netzines are giving shit to this saying it looks too cheap and too stupid looking with some of the traditional folklore characters shooting laser out of their forehead mark or eyes.
The conspiracist in me wants to say CCP approved propaganda made movie. I guess I just said it.

EDIT: scrubbing through there was some golden moments in there -
  • Street fighter stock fight music, check
  • Guardians of the Galaxy dance out of fireworks/explosions with mask guy
  • Actual fight in just a greenscreen set
  • Workout montage, check
  • Villain dressed in all white, check
  • Monkey (the show) levels of production and directing
  • Marvel comic book flicking video montage, check
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Marvel and DC need to make some side parody movies like this. the batman TV show was like this. the medium they came from is supposed to be "comics".


If somebody has a picture of a strawberry and somebody copies it but ends up drawing a potato is it really a copy?
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The story tells of a group of Chinese heroes who declare war on a bunch of foreign superheroes who have encroached on their turf in China.

Was this film funded by the CCP?


I''m not watching that. Asian takes on Western themes doesn't often end well. However, there's a very much incestuous relationship between film industries in different parts of the world. They all ape each other's shit. Where Chinese cinema shines for me is in the fantasy realm, as well as the obvious martial arts stuff. There are some really cool fantasy films with some really gorgeous special effects. Netflix snags a decent number of them too, for those interested. Crime sagas are also really good, along with general action-adventure, which is just a guilty pleasure of mine.

I don't know what would be appealing about a Chinese superhero movie. That seems tailored towards the Chinese audience, where they might take greater appreciation in it, much like some Americans enjoy martial arts movies with westerners.
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