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[CNBC] 43% of adults say they have financially cheated on their partner


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I'll never have joined accounts. We both make good money, and about the same amount of money. We just talk through things and split whatever we split. Having your own money isn't infidelity.

It's just one more thing to argue about if they can spy on every little thing you buy. I don't see it helping anything.
Same boat here. Works well.


When we first started living together, my wife and I would both contribute equally to a joint account for our split bills then keep the rest to ourselves. As time went on, we got married, bought a house, sold the house, bought another, had kids etc. it all gets kinda mixed together. The solution there is I have my own account for like 10% of my paychecks, and the rest goes into our joint account. She gets the same. That way I've got plenty of "play money" or whatever that I don't need to account for.

For us, this is a good compromise. I've come home with game consoles and stereo equipment or gone out to with my buddies and whatever and it's never a question of "how does that fit in the budget?" because it never hits the budget. When I get a raise, my play money gets a raise. It's a good system IMO, and nobody's getting "financially cheated on" (though according to this article I've been guilty of that sometimes in the past too).
That sounds like a good system, im glad you guys were able to work that out. Maybe we will try something similar


I build cars as a hobby. My GF is fully supportive but I think her tune would change if she really knew how much I dump into them.
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Weird example of this is a buddy of mine bought plane tickets to get some fancy fish flown down from New York to S. Carolina. His wife was so confused when she saw it on their bank account and is still confused to this day why this happened. 🤣😂


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Bills and necessities are covered first, past that, I don't give a fuck what my partner spends money on, and vice versa. Also "financially cheating," ? This shit reads like it was written by a 23 year old danger hair whose closest facsimile to marriage what giving casual oral sex to their friend who was questioning whether they were female or fairy in high school. Fuck, marriage is an agreement and built on compromise and established mutual systems, it's not employment. There shouldn't be a sheet of cardinal guidelines that determine your continued status as a partner. Shit like this is why so many marriages fail.
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