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Cocaine and Hookers in Japan; is this guy living the dream?


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I know dudes like that, they came here worship Japanese culture and went back broken, that even there they cannot smash. Some weebs of white color are pathetic. Not sure why I wasted my time with them.

Yup, you've seen them too.
I'm not even going to bother watching that; you're just being plain ol' antagonistic because someone has an opinion that differs from yours.


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The challenge isn't screwing a bunch of girls in Asia, the challenge is finding a non-psycho girlfriend.

I only had one nutter relationship (the first one), the rest were absolutely no problem. A lot of guys do suffer from the my first Asian girlfriend syndrome and they don't know the red flags to avoid.


I beg to differ, I've seen guys come to Asia and fail to get laid the entire time. It's quite possibly the most pathetic display you'll ever see a man make. Especially when they are into anime and Asian chicks and all that to begin with.
I said it would be super-easy, not guaranteed. Plenty of people fail even on super-easy, generally we call them journalists.
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