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Crunchyroll premium arrives on Xbox Gamepass Ultimate perks

Gonna need a list of good anime to watch, I guess. Please no serialized shit that never ends like DBZ pls. Anything with a good story and/or good visuals.

Edit: strange, it's not showing up in my perk list. I only see Eternal Return 'Ultimate Bundle'.

If you don't have an aversion to anime tits and ass, may I tell you the good news about The Testament of Sister New Devil?


I gladly take it, thank you Phil.

Animated GIF
Anime tities and asses are criptonite for me


Kinda weird. Doesn't Sony own Crunchyroll?
Unless there's a company initaitive to use crunchyroll to empower playstation or vice versa. This is pretty normal. Sony makes chips for their compeitors. Samsung makes chips for the their compeitors. Sony buys Azure from Microsoft. Netflix uses their competors cloud services to run their streaming services. Apple used to use Bing for iPhone search and Azure for cloud. Warner Bros makes shows (even DC shows) for Netflix even though they have multiple streaming services.

Unless there's someone higher up stopping it for a wider strategy it's not uncommon for companies to work with compeitors espcially if compeitors have multiple busineses.
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